Isofix system or others: what is the best fixing for the car seat?

To install the seat belt. To help you understand all these words and to choose the system that best suits your needs, we provide you with a guide of all the information you need to know.

  1. · The isofix fixing system
  2. · The top tether fastening system
  3. · The riser
  4. · The tether straps
  5. · The anti-rebound bar
  6. · Safety belt

The isofix fixing system

The isofix fixing system appeared in 2006 on new cars, and has become mandatory on new cars produced since 2011. It allows an excellent response of the child in the event of an impact.

  • How to use?

The isofix system is very easy to use (however, make sure your vehicle is equipped). Each car equipped with this system is therefore equipped with two anchoring points, in the form of two metal rings, placed between the backrest of the rear seat and the seat. An isofix car seat must be equipped with 2 metal clamps that will be attached to the 2 isofix hooks of your car. These two hooks in question are hidden so as not to interfere with passengers without a seat. Don't hesitate to put your hand between the back and the seat to find them.

  • What are the benefits of isofix fixation?

One of the main advantages of the isofix system is that it has a proven track record in terms of safety. Indeed, it has excellent results in the event of a shock: the car seat always remains attached to the rear seat, this guarantees better protection for the child. Furthermore, unlike the seat belt systems, the isofix system cannot be removed by the child. Finally, the risk of incorrect installation is lower than with other systems that can be mounted incorrectly.

  • What are its drawbacks?

So far, the only known drawback of this system is the fact that not all cars are equipped, even if all new cars are. If you own a relatively old car, remember to check it is well equipped before purchasing this type of car. seat, even if it fits fastening with the seat belt.

  • Is there a maximum weight to use the isofix system?

Yes, there is a maximum weight not to be exceeded with this system which is 33 kilos in total, ie the weight of the child plus the weight of the seat. However, there are models with the isofix system suitable for children over 33 kilos. in this case, the isofix system and the seat belt must be used together to ensure the safety of the child.

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The top tether fastening system

The upper anchoring system is an additional anchor, in addition to the two existing isofixes. This third attachment prevents the car seat from tipping towards the front of the vehicle in the event of a frontal impact. This system is considered universal, given its compatibility with all models of isofix car seats.

  • How to use?

The top rope attachment system is a car seat strap, which attaches to a hook located behind the rear seat. The hook can be placed in different places depending on the vehicle: on the rear shelf, on the backrest or on the trunk floor. See the instructions for your car for more information.

  • What are the disadvantages of Top Tether?

Not all cars are equipped with this top hook. Furthermore, the installation of the car seat with this fastening system is not easy.

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The mast

Like the upper belt system, the strut is an additional third anchor, in addition to the two isofixes. It also prevents the seat from tipping over in the event of an accident. The strut is effective in the event of an accident because it will absorb the power of the shock and support the car seat.

  • How to use the riser? What are the drawbacks?

The main disadvantage of the riser is that it must absolutely rest on a solid floor. This means that if your car has a floor box, you will not be able to use the riser, or you risk putting your child's safety at risk. However, following the seats and cars, it is possible that the riser is installed next to the hatch. In this case, it's up to you to check it out.
In other cases, if the side seats are equipped with a floor box, but the car seat post is long enough, you can place it directly in the trunk. Pay attention to this option, however, as not all trunk floors do not. they are strong enough to support this weight.Read the instructions for your vehicle carefully and verify that this installation is possible.

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The tether straps

Cable straps are the equivalent of top fasteners, but for seats with their backs to the road. They also prevent the seat from tilting forward in the event of an impact and are required. Read the instructions for your seat carefully, as each installation may be different.

  • How to use the straps?

The straps attach in two places: on the car seat and on a solid point of stability in the car. Then there are three scenarios: if you place your rear seat on one side, rear center or front.

1- If your car seat is placed on the back on one side, there are several installation solutions. First, it is possible to attach the strap from the car seat to the front seat rail, although this option is not possible for all vehicles. Another solution is to install loops on the front seat rails and hang the strap. You can ask your garage to install this system, as it requires you to unscrew the rails.The last solution is to use the front seat as a fixed point by rotating the strap around the seat. However, this option may vary depending on the vehicle model, it is up to you to check the instructions for the car seat.

2- If the car seat is placed in the center of the rear seat, the solutions mentioned above also apply. However, don't forget to check if your car seat is approved for this position.

3- Finally, if your car seat is installed in the front, the installation may vary depending on the model, but the goal is to rotate the strap around the seat on which the car seat is placed. The strap is then tied between the backrest and the seat cushion. Again, refer to the instructions for your car seat to make sure you install the car seat as it should.

The anti-rebound bar

The anti-kickback bar or safety bar can only be used with rear-facing seats. It is a metal bar that attaches to the seat on which the car seat is installed. It prevents the seat from tipping over in the event of a violent impact.

Safety belt

You can also secure the car seat using the car seat belt. Make sure you choose a car seat with clear instructions to make sure your seat is positioned correctly for your child's safety.

  • How to install the seat belt?

Make sure that the seat belt passes through all the loops provided for this purpose. They are usually a different color from the rest of the seat to help you find your way (blue or red).

  • What are the benefits of the seat belt?

When installed correctly, the seat belt fastener is very safe and easy to use. In fact, this system allows you to easily transfer your seat from one "car" to another.

  • What are its drawbacks?

Most inexperienced parents incorrectly install the car seat with the seat belt. As a result, their child's safety is compromised. The other disadvantage is that the installation is longer than with an isofix system.

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