Shakeology Review: Is It a Great Meal Replacement Shake?

Shakeology Review

Shakeology is one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss. One of the reasons why this weight loss diet has become popular is that it is available in multiple flavors which include chocolate, café latte, green berry, vanilla, chocolate vegan and tropical strawberry. This nutritional powerhouse is packed with healthy greens and fruits and shakeology reviews show that it has quickly become a favorite. So how does shakeology work and is it effective? Below is a comprehensive review of weight loss shake. 

What Shakeology Can Do 

This meal replacement supplement promises to: 

  • Aid weight loss
  • Provide a healthy type of energy
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Enhance digestion.

Nutrition Facts of Shakeology Nutrition Facts of Shakeology 

Details from the Shakeology reviews show that the reason why this shake is a best seller is that it contains superfoods. It is a safe and better nutritionally compared to the other weight loss shakes. A 35g serving of shakeology will provide you with about 15g of whey protein, probiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes. A 40g serving contains about 140 calories which means that it is a great meal replacement shake. 

Shakeology is a completely well-rounded weight loss supplement with nutrient-rich calories. On the negative side though, this weight loss supplement contains 11g of sugar on every serving and this is considered to be a very high amount when compared to some of the best meal replacement shake. However, this sugar is derived from natural plants so it is safe and it doesn’t contain high amounts of fructose. 

Taste and Texture 

Shakeology shake tastes so good. The multiple flavors are designed for various taste preferences of consumers. It has a great texture and you can blend it with water, vegetables or fruits and its consistency will still be amazing.

Ingredients Used to Formulate Shakeology 

This meal replacement contains super foods in the following categories:  

1. Phytonutrients

This is a super greens blend which contains spinach powder, spirulina, chlorella, a blue-green algae, Kamut, Barley, Oat and Wheat

2. Adaptogen Herb Blend

This proprietary blend contains powerful herbs including the Maca Powder which helps to boost energy levels in the body and to stabilize moods as well as overall health, Mushroom powder such as Reishi and Cordyceps, and the Astragalus Root Powder which helps to enhance the body’s immune system.

3. Super Fruit Blend

This is regarded as an antioxidant blend and it contains over ten ingredients. The super fruit blend contains superfoods like Acai, Pomegranate, blueberry, acerola, and goji. Considering that shakeology is a plant-based shake, the super fruit blend offer 2g of antioxidants which is very impressive because the best meal replacement shakes usually contain about 8-10 g of antioxidants.

4. Fruit Powder Blend

This is also a proprietary powder blend that contains mainly fruits which are mostly used to add flavor. Shakeology reviews show that this diet plan also has another group of superfoods which contains healthy substances such as flax, quinoa, pea fiber, apple fiber, and chia. This protein and fiber-rich superfood collection also have the essential omega fatty acids which some of the best meal replacement shakes fail to have. 

Shakeology is one of the best meal replacement shakes which has a remarkable collection of superfoods that make it interesting. All the four categories of the active ingredients contain about 9g of nutrients which is great for a meal replacement shake. 

Benefits of Using Shakeology 

  • It is a well-rounded formula that contains superfoods, proteins, probiotics, enzymes and so much more.
  • The probiotics and the enzymes help to improve the process of digestion and nutrient absorption in the body.
  • The protein blend helps to reduce food cravings and to enhance the growth of lean muscles.
  • Its texture is smooth. It can be easily blended with other vegetables and fruits and its consistency would be still amazing.
  • Shakeology reviews show that the antioxidants found in this meal replacement help to improve the body’s overall immune system and to fight harmful free radicals.
  • Consuming shakeology shake will leave you feeling full for long hours. 
  • It contains enough calories which provide much-needed nutrition. A daily dose of shakeology contains enough minerals and vitamins which the body needs to obtain optimal health. 
  • Its taste is great.

Cons of Using Shakeology Shake 

  • Some people find it to be expensive. A30 day supply costs around $130 which is about $4.30 per serving. 
  • It is formulated with ingredients which are genetically modified.


Overall, this shake is an effective meal replacement diet with numerous benefits. It is an amazing product that has a great taste and it offers amazing and long-lasting results. Shakeology shake is a well-rounded meal replacement supplement which provides the body with enough nutrition. This meal replacement shake is a safe and healthy weight loss diet that can be used by basically anyone who wants to lose weight.