Sex toy trends: these are the trends of 2019

January is almost over, Valentine's Day arrives and brings with it the opportunity to explore and discover your sexuality to enjoy maximum pleasure! We have done a great research and we will tell you what are the trends of 2019 sex toys and where to buy the best ones. products to satisfy your curiosity.

Small spoiler: get ready for big technological innovations for both female and male pleasure and a new level of pleasure to be reached with a little help from your smartphone.

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1. Pleasure by women for women

2018 was a very important year for dialogue on gender equality: the #MeToo movement started an intense discussion to bring everyone's attention to the sexual harassment that women face both in the workplace and in personal relationships. The limits begin to be drawn and true sexual freedom finally begins to be a possibility for all women, so we can say that 2019 brings with it the growth of awareness of female pleasure and everything we can discover about sex toys to explore it at maximum.

The realm of women is now the protagonist and women who know how to enjoy the benefits of being single occupy even more space in the consumer category of sex toys and erotic content. The number of women who buy sex toys and toys for other women (both partners and friends) is also growing. So this February you are free to put aside the romantic clichés and try a more "pragmatic" Valentine's Day gift for your best friend or partner.

Utimi vibrator

If your interest is female pleasure, a must-have item is definitely the Utimi vibrator. With a design suitable for G-spot stimulation and a magnificent device dedicated to the clitoris with 3 different vibration modes, this sex toy is truly a bomb for those who are looking to reach another level of pleasure. The vibrator is, of course, made of 100% surgical silicone, safe in contact with the vaginal walls, it is waterproof and rechargeable with a USB cable.

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Satisfyer clit sucker

This is the sex toy everyone is talking about: the clitoral sucking device is one of the most innovative ways to stimulate female pleasure. Consisting of a handle and a delicate sensory cavity made of silicone, this model is able to surround the clitoris offering 11 different sucking intensities that will help you achieve multiple orgasms! It is water resistant and rechargeable with magnetic cable. Practical, small, delicate and discreet! Buy it on amazon with a discount of more than 60%!

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2. A WiFi connection has never been so pleasant

The arrival of technological connections also for sex toys is a natural consequence of the events of 2019. Kegel balls, for example, are a new concept and already quite widespread among women, but it is still little applied in their routines. bring a little more dynamics to make us understand the results quickly and easily, exactly as it would be with a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. If, on the other hand, you are more focused on sharing, the new technology of sex toys that allow you to control stimulation via connections via the app and wireless has arrived to give you even more fun both as a couple and alone. Say goodbye to remote controls and say goodbye to the internet in this area too!

Elvie Trainer: Kegel exercise device

We all know the benefits of kegel exercises, these exercises are very useful both for women who are looking to fortify the vaginal walls to experience more pleasure in sexual intercourse and for women who have just given birth or who suffer from urinary incontinence. But it's hard to tell right away if the exercises are bringing the desired results and, more importantly, if you are doing the exercises correctly. Elvie was created to solve these problems: Elvie is a device that is connected to an app and allows you to do short kegel exercises guided by fun games and adapted to your needs as well as providing you with a summary of the evolution of your pelvic tonicity.

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We-Vibe vibrator with smartphone connection

The We-Vibe vibrator is the ideal sex toy for those interested in personalizing their pleasure because it offers not 7, not 10 but infinite vibration modes! Its functions are all controllable via the app, offering the possibility of creating a beautiful erotic game at a distance with the partner. Perfect for those in a long-distance relationship or who want to warm up their winter days a little!

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3. Pleasure for him too

Your him obviously cannot be missing in the list of sex toys trends 2019, and that is why we have also researched for them what are the novelties of the erotic world dedicated to the male public. In addition to the anal and prostate stimulators we all know, we have found innovative male masturbation technology and models dedicated to specific erogenous zones of the penis!

Utimi electric masturbator

With a design adapted for penis stimulation, the Utimi masturbator simulates the oral cavity while also providing heating, juicing and vibrating function with 7 vibration modes and 3 intensity levels to enrich sexual pleasure. 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable


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