The best sets of plates to decorate your table at Christmas

This year you have thought of everything: decorations, candles, place cards, tablecloths, but ... you don't want to serve in the classic white dishes you use every day!

When decorating the table, on Christmas day, the choice of dishes you will use is absolutely not to be underestimated!
Of course, the choice is so vast that there is really to be missed, but we have prepared a guide that will suit everyone's tastes.

We know that every home is different and that each of us has made very specific furniture choices. For this reason, although Christmas has universal symbols, we will guide you in the search for the perfect set of dishes, without running the risk that it clashes with the rest of your home!

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For traditionalists

If your home reflects the pure traditional style, the furniture has been chosen in the name of simplicity, maybe you have a rather country kitchen, with a lot of wood, this set of porcelain plates is the right one for you.
Simple but with a clear Christmas message, without too many frills. A bit like your home!

Complete with coordinated cups and saucers to have breakfast with panettone during the holidays.

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For all Thun fans

Your house is probably haunted by Thun gadgets and knick-knacks!
In this case, you, you can't miss the Thun Christmas edition. The set includes 18 pieces, including 6 soup plates, 6 plates and 6 dessert plates.
The plates are entirely made of porcelain and have a small angel, a symbol of purity on each piece.
Dishwasher safe and microwave safe. They will perfectly match your entire collection!

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For your ethno-chic home

You love to travel and every time you go to a new place, you like to take a piece of those exotic and distant places with you, so much so that your home is now completely multi-ethnic!

For such a western party like Christmas, it would be great to use a very oriental set of plates!
For example, this plate set by Excelsa is inspired by the Mandala, a Buddhist symbol.
Perfect for your curry recipes, but also for the most typical Christmas recipes!

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Black (and white) Natal

Your apartment is super chic and minimal, even in colors.
For you black and white are enough to do anything and there is no trace of all the other colors. Not even at Christmas!

But it is absolutely not a problem because with a little imagination and a bit of imagination, a touch of gold or silver will be enough to make your table very refined, a little more festive.

You could add some gold cutlery, a simple gold candle, or sprinkle the table with red rose petals or silver confetti.

In short, your possibilities are endless and you can be sure that however it goes it will be a success!



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