Sagittarius or Scorpio? Taurus or Gemini? The most unfaithful zodiac signs are ...

According to a study conducted by on extramarital affairs that arise on the web, our ability to be faithful depends on our zodiac sign.
The study, conducted on a sample of over one million people, shows that Taurus and Leo men and women are more likely to be the most unfaithful partners of all.

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The second sign of the women most exposed to the deception of amorous betrayal would be Capricorn, the second male sign, however, that of Gemini.
The main prey of the infidels would be the Taurus men; in the case of male infidels, the most exposed preys are Sagittarius women.

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The boldest signs

The study also analyzes which are the zodiac signs most willing to "socialize", or to seek out adventures outside the couple on the web: Sagittarius women and Scorpio men. They would be more open, open-minded and eager for new adventures.
Conversely, Aquarius, Libra and Cancer are the least active on the Internet in the search for extramarital affairs.

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When the stars influence the understanding and the amorous attraction ...

Despite the distrust that many have towards horoscope and zodiac signs, it seems that the attraction owes a lot to astrology.
Women prefer Aquarius and Libra men, Pisces are usually attracted to Scorpio and Scorpio man and Pisces woman is a combination that often works perfectly.
Find out your love compatibility!

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In short, before asking for your name, surname and profession, ask for the zodiac sign and you will save time and possible disappointments!

Jokes aside: no one is immune to infidelity.
So the best thing is to always communicate with your partner for a truly satisfying life as a couple.

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