How is Scorpio? Characteristics and curiosities of the zodiac sign

Magnetic and penetrating eyes staring at you among the people on the other side of the room? Beware, luckily for you, it is definitely a Scorpio! Fascinating, mysterious, it is perhaps the most intense and contradictory sign of the Zodiac. Intuitive, sensitive, determined. and ready to withstand any adversity: without obstacles a Scorpio is bored to death! Apparently cold and reserved, he is agitated by great passions ready to take over suddenly. For better or for worse, he does not go unnoticed and does not let anything slip away. Revenge included.

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The character of the Scorpio

Those born under this sign have a great desire to succeed in all their projects. They are tenacious, stubborn and keep going without ever letting go. Their courage is fireproof, and they will often succeed in the liberal professions, in which they can give free rein to their spirit of initiative. Their will is as great as their ambition.
Under a "reserved, cold and impenetrable appearance, they are animated by an" intense interior life. Their remarkable intellectual activity, associated with an iron will gives great charisma to Scorpios. Their vivacity, their critical sense is so developed as to lead them to intervene in even violent discussions or controversies. Precise and intuitive, they have a remarkable natural insight.
Dislikes or likes are instinctive and immediate. Anxious and rebellious, Scorpios will strive to change people and situations according to their wishes.
Scorpio is also a passionate being. For him, love is a fight with a winner (him) and a loser (the other). Her love life is rich, thanks to her magnetism and her irresistible charm.
However, Scorpio is not very sentimental because their excessive need to remain independent will often prevent them from finding stability. On the contrary, he will seem more drawn to fleeting and intense adventures than to a stable relationship. The marriage, if it takes place, will be the fruit of an impulsive decision, and the union will be troubled by jealousy because, let's not forget, Scorpio is very possessive ...

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The zodiacal profile of Scorpio

Element: water
Opposite and complementary sign: Bull
Sign: female
Metal: iron
Planet: Pluto
Colors: red and granite
Parts of the body: sex, anus, genital organs
His Space / Time: October / November
His motto: We have

Love and sex

With passion, without rest and without peace! Scorpio as a couple is a war that is fought with irony, continuous trials, body and soul. Only the most courageous and patient hero / heroine will be able to conquer his heart and, behind the pretense of toughness, he will find a faithful, deep and sweet companion. As long as you never betray him and for no reason in the world. He would find out just by looking into your eyes ... and there will be trouble!

The profession

Where there is discovery, analysis, resistance. Skilled researchers, explorers, surgeons, psychoanalysts, detectives, writers, spirituals, politicians.

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The Scorpio woman

She is a she-wolf, a mysterious and attractive woman. Its beauty takes your breath away or, on the contrary, is one of the ugly ones that, thanks to their personality, completely eclipse the prettiest little face! It is sensual, sexy, seductive! She is a tenacious woman and can be as vindictive as she is affectionate. One can only be impressed!

  • What is it made for?
    The Scorpio woman is made for research and discovery; even more than he is tempted by disciplines such as parapsychology and the so-called irrational sciences. He will take care of his own business very well, earning a lot and working on his own rather than in a team. The others are too weak, too slow, too mediocre for her!

  • How does he love?
    With passion, with rigor, with enthusiasm and exaltation and this frightens many men, who are often not very inclined to shocks! As a young man, men find her sublime and live crazy love stories with her, which they will then remember, with nostalgia, in the company of another woman, their own, much calmer! In a nutshell, the Scorpio woman leaves memories. unforgettable, but she is the protagonist of few successful marriages or unions! But if she meets a man worthy of her admiration, she will devote herself completely to his cause and become an exceptional companion.

The Scorpio man

This man is very handsome, or very ugly; annoys, exasperates, seduces practically always, either you love it or you hate it! His eyes are magnetic, penetrating, with a light of mocking or grave happiness, depending on the moment. In general, he is quick, lean, muscular, very strong. It goes fast and can't stand slowness.

  • What is it made for?
    For research, all he asks is to go in depth: he will be an excellent psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, psychologist, who is dedicated to what torments the human soul; that's why he will often be a policeman, a detective, a researcher ... Under the influence of Mars, his second planet, he is linked to medicine, surgery: he is attracted to everything related to the suffering and reactions of others. Research and biology are the sectors that interest him. His revolutionary tendencies but, above all, his desire for power, will push him towards politics or unionism. Very attracted to "occultism and" esotericism, he will often be an astrologer, a seer, a pranotherapist or a radioaesthesiologist.

  • How does he love?
    With passion, without rest and without peace! When he is in pairs, there is an almost permanent war that sees two beings facing each other and measuring each other incessantly! All men born under this sign seek "the" woman, the one with a capital D, the one who will reveal them to themselves, the initiator who will guide them into the abyss of their suffering and lead them to touch the heights of pleasure. Scorpio projects its own nature into relationships and few women are able to resist the perennial clashes, in which after the cries there are tears, in which joy and happiness are rarely protagonists. To seduce him, it is necessary to go further, to show that you do not fear him and that, on the contrary, it is he who will have to strive to be at your height! He has many difficulties in living the daily life of love.

The symbolic image of Scorpio

The scorpion is one of the oldest animals on our planet. Like the Cancer, it has an armor which it sheds to very quickly reconstitute another, identical one. It is a particularly resistant animal, which endures long periods of fasting and extreme climatic conditions. It has a poison dart at the bottom of the tail, with the which can kill his opponent. If he were in a circle of fire, the scorpion would not hesitate: he would kill himself by pricking himself. Similarly, those born under the sign of Scorpio are tough, vindictive; their apparent calm, hides a great aggression. They never try to please or seduce, on the contrary! They desperately seek the truth. They do not fear death: from an early age, they understand that it is part of the game. They accept it and even seek it, touch it, try to tame her. In Greek mythology, the scorpion is considered as the avenger of Artemis-Diana, the wild virgin whom Orion tried to abuse and who was freed by a scorpion who stung Orion at the heel! In order to free the goddess, the scorpion was transformed into a constellation.

The stars born under the sign of Scorpio

Grace Kelly, Martin Scorsese, Bill Gates, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo Di Caprio ...

The astrocouncil

Always test yourself and overcome unfounded insecurities.

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