Schiscetta what a passion: discover the best models

For the lunch break on weekdays, it's always the same story: sandwiches eaten in a hurry, fast food or cold and tasteless takeaway ... And of that, you're sick of it! not to mention that you never know exactly where the food you eat comes from and that this habit has a major impact on your finances. To change this, we suggest that you prepare your own lunch and take it with you with this selection of the best lunchboxes we have found on Amazon!

1. The Japanese bento

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Prepare delicious healthy, healthy and balanced lunches for your lunch break at work or in the office and save up to € 3000 per year. No more greasy and expensive sandwiches with this oriental style office lunch box, it allows you to bring different foods and to keep them separate, convenient to carry even more courses.

Buy on Amazon for € 24.99

2. The glass tray


Excellent for storing your food but especially for the environment!
Reuse this container for years and enjoy the quality of the glass that does not alter the flavors, you can wash it in the dishwasher and heat it in the microwave!

Buy on Amazon for € 19.47

3. The electric food warmer


If you don't have a microwave in the office and you are a lover of cold and tasteless pasta!

Buy on Amazon for € 26.99

4. The cylindrical thermos


Soups, broths, soups, soups? This thermos is indispensable! Comes with a spoon and nylon carry bag to take anywhere. Tip: Warm it up with hot water first, to ensure the contents stay warm for longer.

Buy on Amazon for € 22.78

5. The lunch bag


Made of 600D polyester waterproof material that protects your delicious food on a rainy day and can be easily cleaned with a cloth. The aluminum interior ensures thermal insulation and provides a large insulating capacity that will keep your home cooked meals hot or cold longer.

Buy on Amazon for € 10.99 <

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