Ground coffee machine: here are which ones to choose

In a world that sips the most varied coffee-based drinks, from enormous paper cups, you are a traditionalist: for you, coffee is black, strictly in a small cup!
If you are considering whether to buy a coffee machine for your home or office, follow our advice!

Why choose a ground coffee machine?

Ground coffee machines are the best way to enjoy a good coffee with its original aroma.
The quality of the coffee in fact depends on the amount of pressure with which the water is pushed through the filter. This is why we recommend that you choose one that has at least 15 bars of pressure, to ensure a coffee with an intense flavor, just like at the bar. There are coffee machines with a higher number of bars on the market. The higher the number, the better the coffee.

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Choose practicality!

When you prefer a powdered coffee machine over one with pods or capsules, daily cleaning and maintenance will require a little more attention.
Using it every day, you will need an easy-to-disassemble appliance to clean.
Prefer a model with a removable tank, so that you don't run the risk of damaging mechanical parts when you add water to the tank.

Another key requirement is a fast heating system.
The coffee machine is an investment made to save time in the morning, when everyone is on course.
Choose a model that can heat up in seconds, so you don't have to wait for your first coffee of the day!

We have selected several models of powdered coffee machines, available on Amazon.
Take a look at our list and choose the right model for you, according to your needs.

See all the powdered coffee machines on Amazon

The most powerful coffee machine


For coffee purists, Solac has the right model.
19 bar of pressure. You will have a perfectly intact coffee in taste and aroma.
The strong pressure will preserve the aroma without diluting it and the taste will be very intense.
Perfect for those who love espresso without too many frills.
It also has a practical vaporizer to froth milk for when you want to break the rules and drink a cappuccino.

Buy on Amazon for € 111.48

The ideal coffee machine for families


Here is a perfect coffee machine for large families where it is almost impossible to agree on the tastes in terms of coffee.
The Mokona by Bialetti, with its very nice design, is reminiscent of a mocha, but you can use it both with capsules and with ground coffee.
In addition, he can make two coffees at a time.
Goodbye diatribes on which is the best method to make coffee. Finally you will all get along at home and you will be happy to have breakfast together!

Buy on Amazon for € 147.96

The practical and equipped coffee machine


How nice to make your life easier!
With this De "Longhi coffee machine it is possible!
In addition to the removable espresso arm, it has an automatic milk frother, perfect for those who love cappuccino.
The water tank is removable and the anti-drop tray is removable and easy to clean, being made of steel.

Buy on Amazon for € 311

The touch of class


If you have already chosen your new coffee machine, here is the icing on the cake to make the espresso moment a real ritual, like at the bar: the coffee grinder.
Just like at the bar, choose your favorite roasted beans and grind them at the moment, you decide how much to grind them and enjoy a real professional coffee, intoxicated by the scent of freshly ground beans!

Buy on Amazon for € 68.97

For a long life, pay attention to maintenance!


Unfortunately, like all appliances in contact with water and steam, coffee machines also have the annoying problem of limescale.
This product is a descaler to be used about once every two months to clean the tank and spouts of your coffee machine, to keep it always functioning and shiny.
You can also use it for iron and dishwasher!

Buy on Amazon for € 22.90 <

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