How to choose the color of the foundation, in the shop or online

How to choose the color of the foundation? Whether you intend to buy it online or in perfumery, buying a foundation is anything but simple, and there is no worse mistake in make-up than choosing a foundation of the wrong color. the best way to find the right product for you.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a foundation of the right color, and the most important is your skin type. The “golden rule” is that the nuance of the foundation must be as close as possible to the natural color of the latter, also because subsequently - to create shades and highlight the cheekbones - you can always use corrective products such as blush and blush.

But not even understanding which color is closest to that of our skin is that easy! Ever heard of undertones? There are many brands that today, fortunately, take them into consideration to provide a really wide range of foundations, but this only complicates our search! So let's try to see clearly. Here are our tips on how to choose the right foundation color for you!

How to choose the color of the foundation? Where and how to apply it to be able to test it

How to choose the most suitable foundation color if not testing it directly on our skin? It is often recommended that you try a small amount of foundation on your wrist or hand, but it's not really the best: if you look closely, the color of your face is often very far from that of your hands!

The most suitable point of our body on which to test the color of the foundation to choose the right one is the jaw, and in particular the side: try to dirty it with a little color and if that disappears completely in contact with the skin, then it wants to say that it is just the right one!

In the event that, then, the color of the neck and that of the face differ, focus on a color that can harmonize them, while avoiding lightening the face too much so as not to look sick! Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to take a foundation that is even half a shade darker than the skin: on the one hand you risk highlighting imperfections and on the other hand not being able to spread it well and thus create the unpleasant mask effect. Remember that you can always correct the result with the help of a blush or bronzer.

Pay attention, then, to the lights of the perfumeries, which are often very powerful and distort the result. The ideal solution would be to try the color of the foundation, go out and observe the result in the sunlight ...

One last tip: with the change of season it is possible to change the tone of the foundation, as between the "tan, or in any case the color of the summer months, and the pale color of the winter ones, there is a notable difference!"

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Skin color and undertone are key to choosing the right foundation

To choose the right color foundation, it is important to be able to understand what our skin color and its undertone is. In principle, there are 4 large families of foundation colors: beiges, golds, pinks and oranges. Beige are neutral colors, suitable for European leathers and for some Asian leathers; the golden ones are suitable for Mediterranean skins, those accustomed to exposure to the sun and some Asian skins; the pink ones are suitable for very light skins and the orange ones are finally intended for mestizo and black skins.

If we talk about skin undertone, we know that it generally stands out in hot and cold. You will have a warm undertone if your veins are green and you look better with gold than silver, while your undertone will be cool if your veins are blue and you look better with silver. often becomes impossible! Most people are a mixture of different undertones, which makes it difficult to understand which foundation to choose and how ...

Arm yourself with patience and proceed by trial and error. If you have very fair skin, your undertone may not necessarily be cold / pink: it could also tend to yellow! Then it will be better to focus on a cold foundation but with a yellow base. Conversely, if your skin is dark, the undertone does not have to be yellow and you may need to focus on a warm foundation with a pink base.

The reds, then, tend to have a peach undertone that makes it even more difficult to find the right color of the foundation and, even in this case, you will have to try with intermediate shades. The Mediterranean type, the most widespread in Italy, has an olive skin that is generally considered warm, but - if it tends a lot to green - it actually has a cold component that should not be underestimated in the choice! Fortunately, today beauty brands are increasingly aware of how much each type of skin is a case in itself and the proposal is increasingly broad and diversified, also based on the undertones.

This video can help you understand what your skin tone is:

How to choose the color of the foundation online

What has been said so far can also be very useful to guide you in choosing an online foundation. Sure, trying it live would avoid the risk of being wrong, but there are other tools at your disposal on the web. For starters: there are reviews from other customers! Read what they write about the performance of the product compared to the advertising images, it could help you to understand if the color actually corresponds to your expectations.

The tutorials and videos on Youtube can be just as useful: luckily there are many and they could give you some tips that interest you, as well as showing you the rendering of the foundation in question (always pay attention, however, to check if it is a video or not. sponsored!).

Finally, cosmetic companies' websites often provide real online quizzes to help you choose the right product for you. This option, when present, makes it a lot easier to choose the most suitable foundation color for your skin.

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