Summer 2016 shoes: 5 trends for the tastes of all women

The shoe trends of summer 2016 are made to please all women. A wealth of variety, models and ideas that meet the taste of everyone, not just lovers of sandals with heels. The spring summer 2016 of the brands of large and small fashion includes a wide choice of sports shoes, sneakers for going out and running shoes for sports, flat shoes that can never be missing, such as ballet flats, and high and typically summer shoes, such as wedges.

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With all this choice, therefore, you just have to decide which shoes to wear according to your tastes, but also to the various occasions. Sneakers are perfect for a trip out of town, or for an informal outing with friends, while wedges or ballet flats are the ideal summer shoes for more mundane occasions, especially as an excellent alternative to heeled sandals. And finally, among the trends and for those with courage, slippers are popping up: yes, slippers that you can wear at home or at most in the pool, which for summer 2016 you will see in all shapes, materials and occasions. courage enough to wear them out of the house too?

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1. Sports shoes: sneakers to stay comfortable

Summer 2016 is sporty. This is the impression judging by the large number of women's sports shoes in circulation. For a long time now, sports shoes have not only been designed for outdoor exercise or in the gym, but they are a great accessory for city life. Sneakers of all kinds and colors fill the streets and dress women's feet. , men and children. The good old tennis shoe has given way to the sophisticated creations of adidas or Nike, ready to offer models that have nothing to envy to the more traditional "walking" shoes. For an "afternoon outing, or even in the evening, for a trip out of town or for a real vacation, sneakers are your ideal shoes, to wear all day and to become attached to. Choose your favorites from the album below!

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2. On the hunt for flat shoes? Here are the dancers of the summer

Ballet flats with laces, lace, pointed ... so on and on. Ballerinas by now, from shoes par excellence for women of all types and styles, are undergoing a great transformation that helps to reinvent them and always find new excuses or opportunities to wear them. For summer 2016 it is no different, and if the trends dictated by the big brands go in bolder or more innovative directions, such as the choice of slippers to wear especially outside the home, the ballet flats resist as a great classic, and women continue to prefer them. Why? Because they are suitable for any occasion, they can become a perfect accessory for both a chic look and a casual look, you can put them in your bag as a comfortable alternative to heels put on to make a good impression, and they are the best idea when you have to dress in a hurry to go to work, because you overslept ... In short, what woman hasn't found a perfect ally in dancers?

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3. Wedges, the summer shoes par excellence

Summer, time for wedges, one might say. This particular type of heel is for all seasons, it's true, yet often in our minds when we hear the word wedge we immediately associate it with a rope heel, ending up having in mind the image of espadrilles with wedges. And in fact the combination of wedges and espadrilles is the perfect one for all summers, which do not know push-ups or second thoughts. alternative to traditional heels, and not just for casual looks. The ideal combination is in a look with a medium-length skirt, fluid and light: with a slip dress, for example, the wedge would express all its sex appeal.

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© Asos Wedges summer 2016: the shoe trend to follow

4. Perfect for any occasion: espadrilles for all tastes

Espadrilles are a classic of the summer, and in fact they will not be missing even in 2016. Do not think, however, that espadrilles are only those shoes with a rope sole and a fabric upper, things have changed a lot! First of all, you can choose between espadrilles low, classic ones, and wedge espadrilles. Then, the offer is enriched with colors and patterns: do you prefer ethnic espadrilles, with the typical tribal prints, or plain colors, perhaps in a typically summery bright color? Or again, wouldn't it be better to try leather espadrilles for the evening, perhaps black? In short, if you thought that among the summer shoes espadrilles were good only for a run to the supermarket in the morning, or a bike ride, you will discover that there are many other occasions to wear them ...

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5. The bravest shoe trend: slippers (or sandals, not to overdo it)

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If all the shoe trends are at the same time the evergreens that come back every summer, as far as the slippers trend is concerned, it is a novelty of this year ... We do not know whether or not to hope that it will become a recurring trend, because slippers are certainly the most difficult shoes to take out of the house. In fact, these are real slippers, with a single band, magazines and decorated in a thousand ways by low-cost brands but also by the most admired fashion houses, as well as by the most popular brands sportswear like adidas. House slippers come out of the living room and conquer the streets: the bravest wear them even under elegant clothes ... they are made of rubber, plastic, flat or with plateau, of all colors and shapes. If you think this is something that only a slightly eccentric fashion blogger can afford, or you want to limit slippers to beachwear only, you can choose below among the most reassuring sandals, high or low according to your needs.

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Are you invited to a wedding? Here are the formal shoes to look for

It is not exactly a trend, but it is a necessity that often arises during the spring or summer: you are invited to a wedding, a confirmation or a first communion, and you do not know what shoes to wear ... The problem is solved immediately looking in our rich album of ceremonial shoes for all tastes and needs. In these images you will find sandals with high heels, to be daring for weddings, and less showy shoes with low heels ideal for more intimate ceremonies such as baptisms or confirmations. The choice obviously depends on the occasion, on your role (are you the best man or a simple guest?), and on the dress you have chosen to wear ...

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Discover all the shoes for spring summer 2016!

And now that you are aware of the main women's shoe trends of the summer, it's time to have fun browsing all the knowledge about footwear for spring summer 2016. Décolleté, sandals, slippers, everything there is to do. to discover, and to be desired, by both high-level brands and more accessible brands. And you, what (summer) shoe are you?

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