Cold feet? Try these 6 fur lined shoes!

When the thermometer reaches temperatures close to freezing, all we would like to do is stay in the house crumpled up in a blanket next to the radiator. Unfortunately, however, the chores of everyday life force us to put our nose out the door even when rain, freezing wind and snow would make us stay under the duvet until spring. That's why, to face the winter cold, we need warm and comfortable shoes that make everything a little less burdensome, perhaps lined with synthetic fur!

Fur shoes are often aesthetically terrible, but we have made a selection of warm shoes for winter that manage to combine comfort and style. So you can choose your own pair of winter shoes that will worthily replace your slippers during the winter. day!

Padded ankle boots: color and comfort on gray days!

Speaking of slippers, these snow boots by Les Tropéziennes and Roxy lined with synthetic fur are so comfortable that they won't make you regret the comfort of your slippers! Not to mention that the hippie-style embroideries will infuse a little color into the gray and cloudy days, waiting for the return of spring. outfit!

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Boots with fur: stay warm, but with style!

What would winter be without boots? They are our source of joy in the cold season! These high boots we have chosen for you are lined with fur and we are sure they will keep your feet warm. Whether you choose them lace-up or not lace-up , they will always look great in any look.

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Sneakers with fur: soft and versatile for your casual looks!

If you want to stay warm without giving up your sneakers, a nice pair lined with synthetic fur is for you! Choose a model that makes you feel comfortable, comfortable and not too tight for your feet to breathe. The choice of the sole is very important, which must be thick, waterproof, and well adherent so as not to let you slip when it rains. Finally, opt for a nice pair of heavy socks, so you can wear your fur sneakers even when the temperatures plummet towards freezing!

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