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Let's talk about swinging here(swinging), a term that identifies a set of sexual behaviors in which there is a more or less strong attenuation of the couple's monogamy.

The couple exchange is one of the most common erotic fantasies, which in at least two million Italians - according to estimates - comes to be put into practice. Between voyeurism and exhibitionism, swinging involves two partners allowing themselves to exchange with another couple, consuming sexual intercourse under the eyes of each other.

In particular, swingers combine couple-couple, couple-male or couple-female encounters outside their own usual relationships, this is often done to revive a relationship that is now dull or bored and to experience the thrill of transgression by sharing it with the / your partner.

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When practicing swinging, the traditional concept of betrayal does not exist, because the couple has sex with others by consensus and without hiding from the partner. The couple exchange can therefore be defined as a sort of conscious betrayal and voluntarily agreed by both, without jealousy or rancor, which would otherwise ruin the romantic relationship.

Who are the swingers

The phenomenon, precisely because of its extent, is the subject of numerous researches and profilings. In particular, we can say that those who exchange couples are between 30 and 50 years old, therefore young adults or mature people, only rarely very young.

Other characteristics of the typical swinger are:

- belongs to a middle-upper social class;

- is often a professional;
- good level of education;

- good economic position.

The places of swingers

Swingers meet mainly outdoors, in parking lots, near cemeteries and in little-frequented, isolated areas, even if in Italy, there are hundreds of places dedicated to "cruising", or in search of other couples.

It goes without saying that the Internet plays a fundamental role, as a tool capable of facilitating the meeting and aggregation of people willing to exchange and search for "playmates". There are currently about 80 thousand erotic ad portals for adults, sites where swingers are almost always one of the most visited and populated sections.

And recently another trend has emerged: Car Parking Sex, the new frontier of couple swapping that takes place in parking lots and cars. There are about 1400 areas in Italy where swinger couples meet, in a comings and goings of cars that proceed slowly in a sort of well-marked common ritual: games of headlights, recognition signals and then the actual exchanges. Women and men get out of one car to get on board another and have sex.

The risks

Some argue that swinging is beneficial for the couple as, in addition to reviving the relationship, it would allow them to experience a certain amount of transgression capable of improving even "traditional" sex.

If this may be true for some, however, it must be emphasized that this practice is not free from risks and contraindications:

- Being a practice linked to the sexual sphere and involving complete strangers, the most immediate danger is to end up victims of theft or robbery and to run the risk of sexually transmitted diseases due to high promiscuity;

-Another risk is to become addicted to what can be born as a game, but become a real drug, without which one is no longer able to feel pleasure or sexual desire towards the partner;

If jealousy is part of your relationship, swinging is not for you. Seeing or imagining one's partner engaged in sexual evolutions with another person could trigger rash reactions and significantly ruin the couple's affinity;

-It is also possible that this experience convinces and satisfies only one of the two partners and leaves the other disconcerted and disgusted. In this case, worse problems could arise than those related to a monotonous sex life.

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