Outdoor weddings: the heel saver that will make you walk everywhere!

Who among us hasn't experienced the terrible feeling during a ceremony of wanting to throw heels as far as possible? If already using high heels for running fans is similar to walking on a trampoline, in addition to swollen and sweaty feet for which you can use the "sanitary pad trick," there is also the discomfort of walking in heels, even for those who wear them daily. In fact, every woman knows that an uneven road or a lawn is enough to ruin not only the heel, but also the posture (zombie style, so to speak): in short, one of the most uncomfortable things in the world! However, there is a solution, and it is not to have flip flops in your bag, even if perhaps life without heels has its advantages ... look:

The perfect heel saver for outdoor weddings

The heel protector is nothing more than an accessory, which varies in shape, size and color, to be applied to the base of the heel to expand the support base. Once the base of the heel has been enlarged and reinforced thanks to this very practical object, obviously not only stability will be ensured but also the protection of your heels, which will not sink into soft or unstable surfaces, will avoid getting damaged or even getting stuck everywhere and breaking! welcome! Heel saver = life saver! Here are some examples:

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