What does it mean to be a Sagittarius?

Adventurer par excellence, the ideal space for a Sagittarius is the world. There is always something to discover, to do, to start ... and in the same instant! The conclusion is not important, the passion, the drive forward and the enthusiasm from day one counts. An optimistic, sociable, sincere and generous child dreams of an ideal place to enjoy the pleasures of life, without complications. Even in moments of despair, he will always know how to laugh about it and entertain those around him. Defects? Exaggerated, elusive, inconstant, risky.

But what are the main characteristics of each sign? Look here...

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The character of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is characterized by a constant need for evolution and perfection. He is hospitable, outgoing and sensual. He loves life and its pleasures, and has a highly developed sense of justice and fairness. Civic sense, respect for laws and morals are fundamental values ​​in his eyes. Very gifted in organizing and directing, he loves to be noticed in order to obtain recognition. Generous and listening to others, he appreciates being asked for advice. He is scrupulous and attentive to everything concerning prestige and honor.
Sagittarius is very attracted to travel, faraway countries and even diplomatic relations. The professions of justice correspond to his fair temperament.
The natives of Sagittarius are sentimentals prone to lightning strikes. But as soon as they meet their soul mate, they want to formalize the union.
There are two types of Sagittarius: one conformist and one rebellious. Often the two coexist in the same individual, making him a very respectable person with rebellious accents.

The zodiacal profile of Sagittarius

Element: Fire
Complementary and opposite sign: Twins
Sign: male
Metal: pond
Planet: Jupiter
Color: blu, viola, parma
Scent: bergamot
Parts of the body: thighs and hips, liver
Age: full maturity
Space time: November December
His motto: We think

Love and sex

Sex is the national sport of Sagittarius! He trains, practices it very often, getting tired of it and changing often ... the universe is too full of possibilities for monogamy! More than unfaithful, he is a curious experimenter. He loves intensely as if it were the first time and every now and then, it ends everything as it had begun. Remaining friends, of course. Love is seen with the eyes of idealism, it pursues it relentlessly, in a comings and goings of arrows worthy of Cupid.

The profession

Curiosity leads him to every field of work. They do well as sociologists, advertisers, philosophers, politicians, teachers, comedians, explorers.

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The Sagittarius woman

She is alive, active, she moves a lot and with a hint of insolence that attracts the gaze of men! He often has nice doe eyes. She is smiling, but she can quickly go from laughter to tears, from joy to sadness, she is too busy with her emotions!

  • What is it made for?
    The Sagittarius woman is a curious spirit who is interested in all the great social, historical, philosophical or religious themes. He has the same attitudes as the man of the sign, and often makes a career by neglecting private life. She is an enthusiastic woman who knows how to drag and convince others.

  • How does he love?

As a young woman, she is very idealistic, intact, is fully committed to first loves and comes out completely disillusioned! Later, she will be able to opt for a more conformist existence, or for an adventurous life, which will lead her from love to love. The problem of the Sagittarius woman is as old as the world: it scares men!

The Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man is sporty, tall, well built, muscular. But he oscillates between two trends: the horse and the archer. The first is more physical, more square, while the second is more elongated and slim. He is an adventurer in the noble sense of the term, which relies on luck as much as on one's abilities.

  • What is it made for?
    For all professions that put him in contact with others. We will find him in business, in commerce, but he will also be an excellent journalist dealing with foreign policy, economics; you can also become an interpreter, be part of a travel agency or be an entertainer in a tourist village! An intelligent and brilliant man, he will always be sensitive to honors, decorations, praise.

  • How does he love?
    When he loves, he thinks only of his beloved, and responds to his smallest desires, satisfying all the whims and then ... It all ends as it began! And, in this case, it is not convenient to insist, it is useless, he will be present only out of a sense of duty, while his spirit will wander far away ... But if the arrow is planted deep, he will become a good family man, who will he takes care of the education of his children, distributing advice and opinions, often right, to everyone!

The symbolic image of Sagittarius

If the cardinal fire was symbolized by a fiery Aries, the fixed fire by a willing and magnificent Lion, the changing fire will be represented by a centaur, an image of sublimation: with its hooves firmly planted in the ground, it stands before the sky, with a bow stretched in hand, pointed at the stars. For this reason, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are instinctive and conscious, independent, ambitious and adventurous. Sagittarius is in analogy with Jupiter-Zeus, king of Olympus, god of Heaven and Lightning.

The stars born under the sign of Sagittarius

Britney Spears, Bart Simpson, Beethoven, Nostradamus, Steven Spielberg ...

The astrocouncil

the journey counts ... but sometimes the destination too! We should be careful and take fewer risks.

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