Morning routine: 3 ways to start the day right

The early hours of the morning, those just after waking up and before work or the chores of the day, represent a fundamental moment that allows us to fuel before starting in the fourth, but they are often neglected to the detriment of our general well-being. Dedicating a little more time to a moment like breakfast might seem superfluous, but it is essential to start off on the right foot and avoid accumulating stress and anxiety already in the early morning.

Did you know, for example, that for 82% of Italians breakfast is the first thing to do in the morning? A research by Nextplora tells us: 42% of Italians consider it an essential step to wake up!

Breakfast is just the beginning! Let's see together 3 ways to start the day well and start off on the right foot.

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Rediscover the authentic taste of well-being

Start with the right breakfast and you will discover what the authentic taste of well-being is. This is the right time to find out about the news, even through your smartphone and social media, while eating something healthy and tasty.

According to the Nextplora research, the absolute winner is the "all" Italian breakfast, that is sweet and healthy food such as coffee, biscuits or packaged croissants. Because breakfast for us is as sweet as it is healthy and important. Let's talk about the first meal of the day, the one a which on average takes 13 minutes, and which you should do in the right way, because having breakfast does not just mean eating (well) early in the morning, it means spending a moment of authentic well-being with something good. new breakfast line, the BuonEssere Croissants, to rediscover the pleasure of a good taste and designed especially for our well-being. There are 6 variants, all with selected top quality ingredients. Curious to know how this new line of croissants is made ? Here's to you:

  • 7 cereals and seeds croissant with berries, with a fresh strawberry, raspberry and blackberry flavor filling
  • 7-grain and seed croissant with fresh milk and vanilla, with a soft filling that recalls the freshness of milk and the delicate touch of vanilla
  • Croissant with 7 cereals and seeds with cane sugar, all the flavor of 7 cereals and whole seeds with a sprinkling of raw cane sugar. From today with -40% sugar *
  • Croissant with 100% wholemeal flour with wildflower honey and sweet heart with wildflower honey
  • Croissant with 100% wholemeal flour with raw cane sugar, naturally source of fiber. From today with -30% sugar *
  • Croissant with no added sugar, with a soft and light pastry thanks to the 20 hours of leavening

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Take 15 minutes for yourself

Have you ever thought that starting well means starting from yourself? It means listening to yourself and taking care of your needs. We are used to throwing ourselves on the smartphone as soon as we wake up, or to turn on the TV and listen to the first news to stay up to date. But the truth is that we are constantly inundated with visual stimuli and information. That is why it is very important to leave in the morning with 15 minutes of pure relaxation. It is not easy, of course, especially because we are used to taking care of others more than ourselves, but very little would be enough: some yoga exercises such as sun salutation, a bit of mindfulness, some stretching to do stretching. There are alternatives. If you are impractical, we suggest this very simple breathing exercise to relax:

  • place your hand on your belly
  • inhale deeply with your nose for 4 seconds and listen to your belly swell
  • hold your breath for 2 seconds
  • slowly exhale for another 4 seconds

Repeat the breathing cycle 7-10 times and rediscover well-being with these simple steps.


Energize and organize your day

Once you have finished breakfast (and the scroll on social networks), you can dedicate yourself to two other things that will make you savor that very important feeling of well-being and relaxation that we all need. First, choose your own mantra and repeat it every morning. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat "I am the best", "the world is mine", "today I break everything", "today will be a success", "I believe in myself", "I love myself". Positive thinking stimulates positive energies that work better than gasoline to get off to a great start.

After that, tidy up your thoughts and your day: organize a to-do list with the commitments and important stages of the next few hours so as not to go into trouble. Drawing up this check list will not only allow you to feel great satisfaction once one of the present things has been completed, but it will also help you as a cognitive drain by relieving your mind from stress.

Are you ready to face the day with your head held high? In our opinion, yes!

* Compared to the average of the best-selling snacks. For more info:

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