How to save in the kitchen: practical tips for a more sustainable life

If you are thinking of changing your kitchen or simply want to adopt a cheaper lifestyle inside your home, now you can! preserving and reinventing the leftovers of the previous day are just some of the changes we can make. For this we need accessories and appliances that respect the environment and do not waste energy.

In the market there are a large number of products and solutions to reduce the consumption of energy, water and waste production. They are simple gestures, but they undoubtedly contribute to a great cause: taking care of the environment and, why not, giving our pockets some breathing space. Write down these tips to make your kitchen an affordable and effective place!

LED lights, practical and economical lighting

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Did you know that led bulbs consume up to 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 20 years? These data are enough to choose them when it comes to lighting our home. There are ranges of bulbs that fit your needs, so you won't have to buy new lamps. Remember that the important thing here is the savings! a cheaper and more sustainable bill. These are some options:
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Choose low consumption appliances

If you are going to change appliances, always make sure they are printed with category A + or A ++. What does it mean? It means that the appliance you are choosing is energy efficient and consumes almost half of the other types, up to 40% less energy. This applies to refrigerators, freezers, ovens, induction plates and washing machines. Remember that you can also take some simple measures to reduce bills even further, such as using steamers to cook, or covering pots when water boils or washing clothes with cold water. All these small changes together make a difference!

Protect the floor with rugs

Can a simple carpet help us save energy? The answer is yes! This is a simple but very practical trick: in many homes, heat dissipates on the floor, so if we put a rug on it, you will be better able to hold it back. It is a cheap option, easy to place and which saves us energy. In the same way as curtains: they are ideal for insulating windows and help to keep the heat in the house.

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Change the faucet for one that allows you to save water

Water is a precious and scarce commodity that we must preserve. Did you know that there are kitchen taps that reduce water consumption by up to 40%? It is worth using them at home: it can be a very economical option.

Also, you yourself can introduce this change in the kitchen that will help you save water almost without realizing it: instead of washing the vegetables with the tap running, do it in a bowl of water, but don't throw it away! You can reuse it later and water the plants.
There are also rings to screw on the tap that reduce the jet, limiting it to the bare minimum.
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Food is not thrown away!


It's a phrase we've been saying to our mothers since we were little girls, but ... what wise advice! The savings also extend to food, so always take advantage of leftovers! If you have a freezer and some food containers you can easily reduce waste. And they are not just for storing leftovers, but also for fruits, vegetables and vegetables that are going bad and you have to freeze them to consume them at another time. Write the date on the containers to know when you should consume everything.
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Classify waste and recycle


It is essential to take care of the environment. Do you know that egg cartons or juice bottles can be recycled countless times? To make the classification of waste much easier, a practical and convenient option that takes up very little space is the unique classifier with which you can finally say goodbye to the bags scattered around the house! You can buy one on Amazon for € 78.99.

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