How to tidy up your home with the Marie Kondo method

Surely you have already heard of Marie Kondo, the order guru who is revolutionizing the way of tidying up closets, pantries and basements around the world. Even Netflix has just launched a reality show in which Japanese Marie Kondo helps extremely messy people to bring order to their homes permanently.

KonMari's method is simple and is mainly based on decluttering, that is throwing away all the things that accumulate but that we don't use, recommending to throw away all those clothes that convey negative feelings, leaving in the closet only the clothes we use and that we don't use. they give good vibes.

If you want to change the way you organize your wardrobe and keep order forever, here are explained in a simple way, the fundamental pillars of the revolutionary Marie Kondo method.

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1. Empty your entire closet to begin ordering

Sorting out your wardrobe once and for all may take a long time, but this "cleaning" will be much more effective. Empty your entire wardrobe and start ordering from the easiest garments, that is the most voluminous ones (coats or jackets) and finish with underwear or accessories. Do it preferably without music or anything distracting you, in this way you can concentrate completely on the Throw away any clothing that gives you an unpleasant or negative feeling or any that you have never worn despite being there for a long time: this means that you will never wear them again.

2. Sort the garments by categories and colors

Do not mix different types of clothes, better to sort by categories. Sweaters in one section of the wardrobe, another "section for trousers, skirts in" another: this way you will not only save time when choosing clothes for the next day, but it will also help you choose what you really have. need.

Sort the garments by color, it will also help you save time when choosing clothes and give a greater harmony to your wardrobe. Start with lighter clothes and finish with darker ones.

3. Arrange the clothes vertically

It is the best known and most useful trick of the KonMari method, if you order the shirts vertically you can store much more clothes than if you order them horizontally. That is, do not stack the shirts or sweaters on top of each other in the drawer, but fold them as if they were a package and place them in the standing drawers. In addition to saving space, in the blink of an eye you will see all the clothes you have in the drawer. , you will choose the garment first and you will avoid having clothes in the back of the closet that you end up never putting!

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If you find it difficult to position the tops without ripples, there are compartmentalized boxes that will help you organize the garments. You can find them on Amazon and you can choose the ones that best suit your needs!

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4. Leave everything in sight

If you can't fit everything in the drawers or on the cupboard washer, you will need boxes! Make sure they are transparent so that all contents are visible. Marie Kondo ensures that you will end up not wearing any clothes you do not have in sight. This is true. also for shoes, if you have to keep them in boxes, choose transparent ones like these:

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5. Use the special hangers to organize scarves, scarves and accessories

Small objects are the most problematic when it comes to order. Small things take up little space and that's why we tend to stack them without too much attention. To avoid confusion among our accessories, choose products that help you keep them tidy, taking up minimal space. These are some examples:

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If these 5 tips have intrigued you, don't miss Marie Kondo's book! Those who have already read it say that his wardrobe is no longer the same and that, with a few tricks, he was able to keep the house tidy, with little effort.

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