Rilastil Sun System: read the opinions of users!

Sunbathing in complete safety is a must for all of us, protecting the skin from sun exposure is a gesture not only to protect our beauty, but also our health.

Sometimes, normal protection isn't enough. The Rilastil solar line presents Sun System Trasparent spf 30, a finely atomized transparent emulsion suitable for light and sensitive skin.
Rilastil, presenting the new product, wants to reinforce the concept of elasticity; good elasticity helps to slow down the formation of wrinkles, the loss of tone and to counteract the appearance of stretch marks and exuberant scars, maintaining the optimal beauty and comfort of the skin. All Rilastil sunscreens are therefore formulated with innovative active ingredients with proven elasticising action.

Rilastil Sun System Trasparent spf 30 prevents the onset of sunburn, spots and sunburn, protects the beauty of the skin even against premature cell aging (Pro-Dna Complex®) and promotes skin elasticity.

Some forum users have tried the product through our fantastic Tested by You: here are the opinions!

The opinions of the testers

The product arrived just in time, as I am on vacation in a hot country, so I almost immediately had the opportunity to try it. First of all, however, I like it, regardless of whether I tried it or not, it does not contain parabens and dyes , and it is hypoallergenic.After having tried it for a few days I must say, that I also like it because, being a nebulized spray, it is absorbed immediately, also giving a feeling of immediate freshness. The skin remains very smooth and the fragrance is not excessive. I burn easily and sometimes suffer from erythema, but I must say that for the moment I do not see any trace. I put it back even after taking a bath and shower, on wet skin it also seems to make the skin more elastic. Could it be a coincidence? , to avoid spots, burns and rashes. I really recommend it (as soon as I get home I will talk about it with my friends and colleagues) and I will certainly buy it again as soon as I finish the product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this excellent product.


I am very happy ... I finally found a product that does not create problems on my skin .... it will accompany me throughout the summer!


Quick and easy application ... no need to grease your hands as with normal creams!


This product is exceptional. Apart from the guarantee given by the "Rilastil" brand, it is a very pleasant product to use. Usually I get bored spreading the sun because "I am forced to do it several" times a day. With Sun System it is not necessary: ​​just spray the whole body and you are fine with almost no need to smear it. Would I recommend it ?? Of course, 100% protection from sun damage and safety of the "rilastil" brand


I love this product: the texture is extraordinary because it penetrates the skin, in fact it is absorbed immediately! It does not leave a white patina or even the feeling of grease, on the contrary it is super comfortable as the skin after using the product is very soft to the touch. I like the fact that it is a product that resists water. After applying the product, I exposed myself to the sun and my skin did not get red and this is essential as it made me understand that it is a concrete product that takes care of my skin: it makes it tan, but it does not traumatize it. reddening it ... wow it is my right product to face the summer, I recommend everyone to try it and you will see that it will also be your indispensable ally to face the sun without reddening the skin.


I really appreciated Rilastil Sun System: first of all it is very easy to apply, it absorbs immediately and leaves the skin soft and hydrated at the same time. The fragrance is delicate. I recommend it and I will definitely buy it back.


Finally a product suitable for my light skin and with freckles that I can trust: perfect on delicate skin, with its nebulization it envelops you as in a scented cloud, protecting you from the sun and leaving the skin dry and hydrated like never before. It doesn't have the classic scent of the sea and this makes it even better for me. I tested it during a hot weekend and my skin remained fresh without the typical redness or erythema that the "first sun" can cause and applied to wet skin makes it supple. It is an innovative product that keeps its promises and I recommend it.


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