Back to school: 7 things to do for autumn!

The return to school after the long summer break is a delicate moment for the children, but also for the parents, who play a fundamental role in helping them to get used to the new rhythm without too much stress. of the first cold weather, you just need to arm yourself with a little spirit of organization to better face this moment of transition and live it with greater serenity. Here is a list of 7 things to do for the new season.

1. Do not put off changing the cabinet until last

Do not wait for the cold to arrive to change the autumn wardrobe: take advantage of the return to put aside the summer clothing and realize what your child is missing for the new season. If he is old enough, try to involve him in this task, it could be a much more fun activity than you think!

A child's closet, just like his growth, is constantly evolving: when you put away summer clothes, immediately eliminate the ones you already know will no longer fit them next year and give them to your friends with younger children. your own, or give them to charity. When you have finished arranging and cataloging all the items you own for the cold season, you can finally go shopping and buy what is missing without feeling guilty!

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2. Enroll your child in a sporting activity

Do not wait until the courses have already started and immediately enroll your child in a course; choose a sport or an activity that excites him. It is indeed important to listen to his preferences so that he can feel sufficiently motivated and make this appointment not only as a useful physical activity but also as a real moment of release and escape from the routine that amuses him first of all. Sports activity is fundamental for his psycho-physical development: in addition to promoting healthy growth, improving agility, posture and stamina, it prevents obesity and helps him develop social skills.

Sport also increases the child's self-esteem, prepares him to face major challenges in life and to achieve his goals. At the same time it teaches him to respect the rules and improves his sleep quality.

3. Support his immune defenses

The arrival of autumn and the return to school, as we know, bring with them the first flu and the first colds. Start immediately to support your baby's immune defenses so that he can be better prepared for the arrival of the cold season. Choose a food supplement that helps your baby to strengthen his immune defenses, allowing him to better cope with the first colds and avoiding so that they get into annoying seasonal ailments Make sure it contains Vitamins C, D, E and also Zinc, all of which are useful for the normal functioning of the immune system.

4. Throw a New Year Party

School has begun and your child is in a new class, is joined by new classmates or simply finds himself catapulted into a social and emotional dimension that he had put aside completely in the summer months. Throwing a nice party at the start of the school year could be a great idea to help him integrate (or reintegrate), making or strengthening his friendships.

There is no need to organize a big party: just think of a healthy and colorful buffet and some team games to propose to break the ice. Your child will start the school year with so much joy and fun!

5. Think of healthy and tasty snacks

The snack is a fundamental step in a child's eating routine, and it is good that it is healthy and nutritious, as well as good. He immediately begins to experiment with some new ideas to offer him a snack that is different from the usual, energetic and not too caloric, but which allows him to arrive at dinner time with an appetite.

Among the many commitments of working life, we often end up favoring the usual packaged snack. With a little organization and a pinch of inventiveness, however, we can think of some original and tasty, and not at all demanding, idea of ​​a healthy and tasty snack at the same time, like the ones we suggest in our album. your baby will be delighted!

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6. Get used to the pleasure of books and reading

With the arrival of autumn and cold, it will be increasingly difficult for your child to spend some free time outdoors, and the risk is that he will be placed in front of the TV or video games. So why not focus on other interesting activities that can make him spend his time in a more stimulating and creative way? For example, get him used to the pleasure of books and reading from an early age. If your child cannot read yet, you can offer him colorful books full of images that can attract his pay attention by helping him discover new things. Enjoy reading with him and invite him to create new stories starting from the images you browse together: it is a great way to entertain your child, stimulating curiosity and cognitive skills.

It goes without saying that reading is a "perfect activity for older children, who already attend elementary school. In these cases, focus on children's books that, however, satisfy their tastes and interests: they will read with greater desire and will always be passionate about more to reading. Take it with you to the bookshop and let him choose the titles and stories he prefers.
Reading has great power: it helps the child to face the small difficulties of every day, providing him with a real tool of knowledge of reality. It also helps him develop creativity, be more curious, understand his emotions, as well as broaden his vocabulary by improving communication and cognition skills. A book will teach him important values, relax him and have positive effects on his brain: you will see that he will do even better in school!

7. Break the routine with some creative ideas to get off to a great start

The return to normalcy and to the usual rhythms can be rather tiring and monotonous, especially for the little ones, now used to days without schedules for several weeks. To make it sweeter and less heavy, try to introduce some little creative ideas that move the classic weekly routine a little bit and help your baby - and yourself - to live the return to everyday life with more vivacity. approaching cold season. For example, choose a day of the week to reserve for a "special activity and repeat it every week, changing the subject, however; nothing demanding, but a simple fixed appointment that becomes a little fun ritual in which to involve your child and the whole family. It could be. be a themed dinner in which you propose foods that your child particularly loves or new dishes for him to taste, a film club evening dedicated to watching a cartoon with the whole family or an afternoon of games in which you invite a friend of his to class. Feel free to give free rein to your inventiveness and choose an appointment that becomes an opportunity for recreation and fun to share with him.