At age 6, she recreates Oscar outfits with paper

Red carpet dresses make us dream every day and Mayhem, 6, has developed a strong interest in fashion. In fact, for two years already, the little girl has begun to try her hand at the production of small works of art made with paper.Helped by her mom, Angie Keizer, Mayhem draws inspiration from the dresses shown at the Oscars and during the Grammy Awards ceremony, posts them on Instagram (@ 2sisters_angie) and makes the viewer dream!

© Instagram The Versace dress from which Mayhem drew inspiration

The girl also got involved in her favorite cartoons revisiting Minnie, the Little Ponies and Elsa, the snow queen!

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Paper, glue and aluminum

Gift paper, rice paper, aluminum foil, glue and recycled materials: this is how Mayhem creates her clothes. "My daughter works on these dresses a lot more than you might think", Angie confided to the" Huffington Post. Her favorite creations hang on display in her bedroom!

Discover the looks of the Oscars 2016:

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