Revitalift Laser X3, user opinions

Revitalift Laser X3 is L’Oréal Paris' deep anti-aging treatment that corrects wrinkles, redensifies the skin and reshapes the contours of the face thanks to a cutting-edge formula with 3% concentrated Pro-xylane ™ and fragmented hyaluronic acid. Visible results already in a week, with a significant improvement in wrinkles.
In 4 weeks, the skin appears firmer and denser: the face is reshaped, transformed. Its fine and silky texture absorbs quickly on the skin, leaving a pleasant sensation of comfort and softness.

Our forumine have tried this product thanks to the tried by you: here are their opinions!

I wanted to wait to give my opinion to see if the skin improvements were lasting. I am extremely satisfied, the skin remains smooth and the wrinkles are reduced considerably, I will continue to use this product and recommend it, my friends have really noticed the difference in skin (they said I had done some treatment - massage), but no, simply using the L "oreal cream. Thank you for choosing me as a tester.


Thank you very much for choosing me as a tester, but above all I thank you for introducing me to the product, I have already purchased it, it is the cream, indeed it is the anti-aging treatment suitable for my skin. I am super satisfied and I proceeded to make it known and recommend it to my friends and work colleagues. THANK YOU so much!


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The first thing that strikes you is the packaging. Curated, solid for a shelf cream. And then you have the feeling of being in front of a product which, while maintaining a competitive price, is not an "entry level", it is a step higher. The scent is the second thing. Intense yet not annoying. I am using it morning to evening. For now the skin is more relaxed, pampered ". Small imperfections left by previous creams (such as small bubbles, small skin reactions) disappeared after two days of use. This demonstrates that choosing an excellent product with all the credentials is a duty towards our skin. The phenomenal thing then is when we wake up: the skin looks different, the "look more" bonne mine " already early in the morning. And this is priceless! Great product!


It smoothes the skin and brightens, I find the face more hydrated and the wrinkles less evident. I also like the texture and the scent, I think I will use it in exchange for my daily cream. It penetrates fast and is great even when I'm on the run.


I have never tried such an effective anti-aging treatment. Nothing like this cream. I will definitely continue to use it.

(life curiosity)

The consistency of the cream is excellent and I noticed after a few applications that the skin is firmer .. I am really satisfied and will certainly continue to use this product ... Value for money from 5 stars.


It is "a" elixir! An ally for us women who are always looking for secret formulas and pacts with the devil so as not to grow old ... to try to believe ..


I used this face cream morning and evening, regularly, I immediately noticed its delicately persistent, almost sensual scent, the soft and creamy consistency, pleasant to the touch and in the right dose that is easy to absorb. I find it effective that it does not absorb immediately because I combine the anti-aging cream with a toning and appropriate neck / face massage and for at least 2 minutes you must be able to work the cream to smooth out the features and tone the face contour and expression lines. Once absorbed I noticed the "effect" tensor ", the skin seems to gradually pull outwards, giving tone and compactness. Really excellent.


I was able to test, thanks to AL FEMMINILE, the Revitalift Laser 3X face cream from L’Oréal Paris and I must say that it is excellent! Its texture is soft and the fragrance is very pleasant. I really like the texture because it leaves the face hydrated but not greasy, it absorbs immediately, giving brightness. Obviously, it must be used constantly, to appreciate its effectiveness. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid contained in the cream, after a few days I noticed the skin much more compact and the fine lines on my forehead were lightened. It reshaped the contour of my face and made the skin firmer, both to the touch and to the sight. I also use it as a base for make-up and in the evening after removing my make-up I will continue to use it because the results are visible and the value for money is excellent.


I really like the texture, it is easily absorbed and leaves a pleasant scent. Small wrinkles are smoothed out.


First of all, thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be able to try this cream. I have been using it for more than a week now and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. From the first applications I noticed an improvement in my face. The skin is more relaxed. It is a full-bodied cream with a pleasant and delicate scent that is easily applied, absorbs immediately and is not greasy. The fine lines around the eyes and lips are less evident, the skin is smoother, nourished and hydrated. I have already recommended Revitalift Laser x3 to all my friends and I will continue to use it also in the future because it seems like a great product to me.

An excellent cream for its consistency and for its really pleasant scent. The results on the face are starting to show. +++++++


Beyond the anti-wrinkle effectiveness of which I am really convinced after use I really like the fragrance. Another aspect that I really liked is the absorption capacity of the cream which, even in this hot period, does not leave the skin "greasy". I am very satisfied with the counselor "to friends and relatives.


I was really amazed by the results. It is true that I used it consistently every morning, it is true that I often wore it even in the evening but it was amazing. The face is much firmer, especially the cheeks and neck. The wrinkles are as if relaxed. An impression of plumping. Especially on the forehead. It has a fantastic scent that disappears after a while. The only negative accent is that the texture for me is a bit greasy. I can't stand anything on my face in the summer, I resume it immediately, maybe that's why. In any other season it would be ideal for me. I solved by limiting the quantity in the morning and exaggerating maybe in the evening when it is cooler and I don't ooze it. Really fantastic, I hope they never change the recipe, it will be my cream!


The revitalift laser cream x3 Oreal Paris arrived at my house a few days after receiving the informative email from the AlFemminile team. The packaging of this product is very accurate and practical thanks to its screw opening. As for the cream, I must admit that it is very effective even against the deepest wrinkles. The things I liked the most are definitely the texture and the fragrance. I highly recommend it to all women over 40-45 years old. Thanks to all the team and L'Oreal Paris for contributing to this experience!


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