Father's Day: 5 gifts for less than 30 euros

On 19 March, on the occasion of St. Joseph, Father's Day is celebrated every year.
A special moment to celebrate the presence of your dad who has always held the first place in your heart.
You know, daughters have a special relationship with their father!

  1. · 1. For DIY dads
  2. · 2. For nerdy dads
  3. · 3. For the kings of the grill
  4. · 4. For sporty dads
  5. · 5. For all fathers

You love him, your father already knows!
But if you also want to give him a small gift, follow our advice: 5 ideas for less than 30 euros with which you can't go wrong!
What if you are far away?
No fear! Just order your gift on Amazon and send it to your parents' home!

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1. For DIY dads

Your dad is the classic "fix-it-all" and spends every weekend between housework, here is the right gift for him:
A refillable ballpoint pen, equipped with a screwdriver and ruler.
A tool to always keep in your pocket to take measurements and to make small repairs. You will see that it will not separate from it and will not lose it, because being hexagonal, it will not roll away!
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2. For nerdy dads

Is your dad a tech enthusiast? But also video games, film sagas, role-playing games?
Then he's a real nerd! And like all nerds, he never has enough USB sticks.
Here is one that features the favorite father of nerds all over the world! Anakin Skywalker, also known by his name Sith Dart Vader, father and sworn enemy of Luke Skywalker, of the Starwars saga.
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3. For the kings of the grill

When there is a family barbecue, there is little to do: at the fire there is always the father, the true king of the grill!
And if your dad bought himself a real stone barbecue, you'll make him overjoyed with this professional set of grilling tools.

The set includes:

  • 1 gripper
  • 1 scoop
  • 1 x barbecue brush
  • 1 meat fork
  • 1 silicone brush
  • 5 skewers

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4. For sporty dads

If your father is a true sportsman, this gift will enchant him. A fit tracker from XiaoMi, to monitor its activities.
QQ messages, incoming calls, etc. they are all displayed directly on the screen. Withstands water up to 50 meters deep and displays activity tracking data by simply raising your wrist. Heart rate, sleep quality, step count and health check. Battery for up to 20 days.
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5. For all dads

This gift is perfect for all dads, regardless of their tastes and hobbies!
A thought for every occasion, so it can feel you close even if you are far away. A simple steel keychain that will mean a lot to both of you. The writing says "I will always be your little girl and you will always be my hero".
You will see that your dad will love it and will immediately hang it on the car or house keys.
> Buy it on Amazon for € 7.99

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