This woman did a photo shoot with her recently deceased husband (photos)

© Sidney Conley Photography Nicole Bennett with her son and husband

Organizing a photo shoot to celebrate your pregnancy is an increasingly widespread practice: it is important to have memories of these moments. This is the thinking of many families and of Nicole and Deonta Bennett, an American couple who lived in Mississippi. Already parents of a 4-year-old boy, the two wanted to make some professional shots to capture the moment.

When Nicole was 7 months pregnant, Bennett passed away prematurely. The woman asked the photographer Sidney Conley for help so that she could realize the impossible: a photo shoot with her husband Deonta, even though he was deceased.

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'I wanted to do something special because he has always been there for me. I want them to be memories for both my son and my daughter who never knew her father"Nicole Bennett told ABC News.

The woman's request was granted. Moved by the new mother's request, the photographer wanted to share some shots on Facebook and on the page Instagram and went viral in the blink of an eye.
The story of Nicole and Deonta thrilled the whole world.

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