This series of photos is a real love letter to her dog!

© Instagram Christopher Cline Christopher Cline and Juji

In reality, Juji is a 45kg goldendoodle but, on Christopher Cline's Instagram account, he seems to be a giant. Thanks to some graphics programs, the photographer has decided to pay homage to his dog with whom he shares time and experiences: theirs seems be a real love story!

'I remember the day my partner Christine brought home a goldendoodle. I was not at all happy to have a furball lying around the house and, what I didn't know, was that the furball would grow out of all proportion. He quickly became my best friend"said Christopher Cline a Fluff Stuff.

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The photographer is no longer able to live without his 4-legged friend and, for this reason, the two always travel together documenting their adventures on social networks.

The dog led him to success but ... not only

Thanks to his relationship with Juji and his photographic talent, Christopher has conquered Instagram but not only: this has helped him in a difficult moment in his life.

'I hate being the kind of person who claims he owes his life to his dog but ... it's the truth. drugs destroyed my life, alienated my family and made me go through hard times. Juji pushed me to take care of another person, made me creative, made me stay sober. He's a super dog, he's my Juji", concludes Christopher Cline.

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