How much water to drink per day? Better not overdo it, it could be harmful!

Drinking lots of water is good for your health and it's important, but how much water to drink per day? And what happens if you drink too much water? Given that even in winter it is good to drink a lot, and that you should drink to never get the feeling of being thirsty. But as with all things, excess is not recommended. Drinking too much can also be bad for your health. Yet water hydrates the skin, stimulates oxygenation of the brain and chemical processes in the body and helps to expel toxins. they even invented water to eat, look:

What happens when you drink too much water

Beware of drinking too much, and by too much we mean too much in a short time or really a lot (over 4 liters) in a whole day. Excess is never good and the condition of hyperhydration, present more often in athletes, is anything but beneficial for the body and metabolism. In fact, when you drink a lot, the concentration of sodium in the blood drops, leading to hyponatremia . The consequences range from nausea and vomiting, a feeling of dejection, fatigue, headache, muscle weakness, kidney fatigue to low blood pressure and related fainting.

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How much water to drink per day

So what guidelines can be followed to avoid the side effects of drinking too much? It is recommended to drink a maximum of two liters of water a day, but be absolutely careful not to drink them all together. The indication is to drink often and to divide the amount of water throughout the day, whether it is summer (especially) or winter! And if a correct and healthy diet is added to the two liters of water, our body can only react well and be always active and charged!

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