Which cups hold heat best?

Are you the kind of person who values ​​a quality moment with a hot drink and a good book on cold days? Then you need a cup with a lid that retains heat well. The choice of material is very important: glass, ceramic and silicone are the most suitable for efficient thermal insulation.

We have chosen 5 mug options for sale on Amazon that combine design and practicality. If you don't find the perfect one for you, for sure you will find that gift you were looking for for your tea freak friend.

Double glass cup with lid - For the most elegant women

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This glass cup with lid is not only very elegant, but it is also very efficient: it has a capacity of 470ml, weighs only 280 grams and its double insulated glass design ensures that your drink stays hot for much longer and, at the same time time, avoid the risk that you burn your hands! It is made with borosilicate glass, so it is super resistant to heat and cold and does not break easily. The cutest thing? The manufacturer offers you a gift: if you buy the mug, you will receive 1 silicone tea infuser for free.

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Ceramic mug with panda shaped lid - For those in love with cute things

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This panda-shaped mug is truly love in the form of design! Made of high quality ceramic, this mug with lid is suitable not only for hot drinks such as soups and broths. It is made with a material suitable for high temperature cooking and the package includes a long spoon. It's a really cute set, perfect for giving as a gift! In addition, the panda is also available in other expressions!

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Porcelain cup with strainer and lid - For the trendiest girls

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If you are someone who likes the vintage stylus and polka dots, this porcelain mug is ideal for you. It is sold with a steel lid and infuser that are easy to remove and clean. It is very large (400ml) and is resistant to microwaves and dishwashers. It's a nice choice for that detox tea you wanted to make yourself in the office. Also available in plain color.

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Ceramic mug with lid - For girls who prefer a more natural design

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This beautiful mug with lid has the perfect design for those who prefer a more rustic style. With a capacity of 400ml, this model can be used in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher. It is made with a thick material that isolates the temperature of the drink and keeps it hot for longer.

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Fox & Bear Porcelain Mug - For those who love Nordic style

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This 250ml mug is perfect for keeping your tea warm. It is resistant up to 800 °, so it is perfectly resistant to microwaves and dishwashers. The package includes a steel infuser and a lid: everything you need for your tea at the perfect temperature!

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