L-spot: where is it and how to stimulate the male G-spot!

For a perfect sexual harmony of the couple, it is necessary to know and make known to your partner everything that we consider exciting, both physically and mentally. Although the female orgasm seems to be more mysterious than the male one, as well as the physical reactions that favor or achieve it, the "man" also hides "erogenous" zones that can cause him to reach orgasm with a capital "O". One way to know all the secrets of one's physicality and one's arousal is surely autoeroticism, of which we also remind you of the countless benefits:

What is Point L?

The L-spot is the male G-spot, that is, that part of the body which, if stimulated, allows us to reach the heights of pleasure. The stimulation of the L-point has to do with prostate massage, because this "button" of pleasure is located right next to the prostate, but not only. Apparently, the L-Spot corresponds to a very, very sensitive male erogenous zone, which is why, by stimulating it, the man can reach an orgasm of a "different intensity and duration than the usual orgasm that follows a longer sexual intercourse" classic". Let's find out where it is and how to stimulate it to make our man's orgasm unforgettable, different and longer than usual.

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Point L: where it is

The L point is located in a slightly "complicated" area, not so much for the difficulty that we women may have in reaching it, as for the reluctance of some men to be touched in these areas. In fact, the male G-spot is located near the prostate, a very important gland located under the bladder and along the male urethra, a few centimeters from the anal entrance. Furthermore, the urethra directly connects the tip of the penis (do you know the small hole?) Directly to the bladder, passing precisely through the prostate and thus representing one of the points of contact that allow us to reach Point L. In principle, all the area surrounding the male anus is a very sensitive erogenous area, as already shown by the Rusty Trombone technique. In addition, if you dwell on the perineum of the man, you will already begin to perceive the power of the L Point, even if you have not really reached the direct stimulation. Get an idea of ​​where the L Point is by looking at this image:

How to stimulate the L-spot, the male G-spot

We are therefore talking about prostate stimulation when we talk about how to stimulate the L-spot. To get a complete picture, we must specify that there is not only direct stimulation or prostate massage, but to stimulate the male G-spot we can opt for three different ways:

  • Aspiration: As you can see from the image below, the tip of the penis is connected to the prostate through the urethra. With the aspiration we can access, even if in a less direct way, the L-point of the man, in two different ways: through the contraction of the vaginal muscles during sexual intercourse, as if we wanted to do Kegel exercises, or through intercourse oral. In fact, one of the tricks of perfect fellatio is precisely to do it following a rhythm that alternates sucking with release, specifically, you should suck rhythmically every time you move away from the penis with your mouth. In this way we indirectly reach the L-Point with the force of the lips alone. In fact, doing it at regular rhythms, it is possible that the man can reach orgasm even if we stop to suck on the tip of the penis.

  • Pressure: through the external prostate massage, we can stimulate the L-spot by caressing and applying a certain pressure, naturally not excessive, on the perineum of the man, that strip of flesh that connects the testicles to the anus. Also in this way you will feel that the male arousal will vary visibly in a few seconds.

  • Penetration: to get directly to Point L, the most complete method is that of the internal prostate massage, which consists of reaching the prostate from the anus. You can try it by inserting a finger, facing the pubis, and stop as soon as you feel a slight fleshy protuberance. At that point you can proceed to gently massage your man's G-spot. It is advisable to use a good lubricant to avoid discomfort and facilitate entry.

Stimulators for the prostate and for the L-spot

To reach the L point and stimulate it in great detail, we can safely use our fingers. But a valid support is represented by the prostate stimulator. A vibrator for him that is only part of the magic of sex toys for men. The prostate stimulator represents a very particular alternative, which could open the way to imaginative role plays and moments of different sexuality. To use a prostate stimulator correctly it is important to never forget two factors:

  • Cleaning: Before each use, make sure this erotic object is clean and disinfected to avoid infections or other problems. Do not use too aggressive products or soaps that could still be annoying.
  • Lubrication: for a correct and safe use of the prostate stimulator, it is always a good idea to use a lubricant that favors a quiet entry and without forcing.

You can buy a prostate stimulator conveniently online, on sites like Pleaure4You, and receive it at home in a completely anonymous package, so that you can also surprise your partner. And if you are interested in the world of sex toys, take a look here at how many types there are, almost as many as our fantasies!

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Male arousal and L-spot

Although we assume that men are always predisposed to sex and experimentation, in reality male arousal is more complex than we think. The virility factor in the case of more direct L-spot stimulation comes into play and can also affect In fact, many men are reticent to the idea of ​​penetration, even though they have never experienced the pleasure they can get from this practice. The main reason, in fact, is the fear / sensation of feeling invaded and affected in their fragility or in a position in which they lower their defenses, which not everyone can tolerate under the covers. Fortunately, the stimulation of the L-spot can happen in various ways, or not at all, without compromising the final orgasmic result. In short, getting to know each other and getting to know your partner is a fundamental element for a serene and free sexuality. And you, how much do you know about male arousal? Find out here:

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