Point A: In your vagina there is an area where the secret of multiple orgasm resides

Point a is ready to give you a new and intense pleasure: find out how to achieve it and how to experience new sensations while having sex with your him or her. If you think you know everything about sex, get ready to change your mind: because point A will only be the beginning of new experiences! Watch the video (and maybe look at it again) after sex really won't have any secrets for you! Wow!

The treasure hunt: how to find point A

You may have never heard of it, but we assure you that after reading this article you will be on a hunt for the A-spot to find out what it feels like with its stimulation. After the G-spot, in short, a new point arrives that can make us lose our minds. You can stimulate it if you are in a couple or even alone: ​​masturbation is the first way you can get to know yourself! And knowing the female anatomy is essential to experience maximum pleasure during sex. You hear so many about orgasm when you compare yourself with friends: the truth is that we are all different! Some need to have feelings to reach orgasm and sex alone leaves them unsatisfied. Others need a long stimulation of the clitoris, still others reach the climax of pleasure only with penetration. The challenge to feel pleasure is more exciting than as you can imagine. There are no courses but only a great desire to try and experiment, for life! First of all, pleasure is a mental predisposition: let yourself go! If the search for points G, A or C (yes, there is also that ) it causes you stress well it means that you are not dealing with it the right way. Let the exploration of your femininity and your intimacy be fulfilling, regardless of reaching orgasm.
The perfect stimulation for point A is done by moving the index finger as if to say "come here", as if the partner is calling you, tickling the "upper" part of the uterus.
During sexual intercourse, the woman must make a small retroversion with the pelvis to allow the male sexual organ to reach point A. It is also useful to strengthen the movements with small thrusts: and now you just have to try!

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How to locate point A: in the middle between the cervix and the uterus

Point A is particularly neglected. Yet it is a very innervated erogenous zone that offers unique sensations. It is located in the anterior vaginal fornix, higher in the vaginal canal, near the uterine cervix, so to speak a little above the G-spot. Are you still on the hunt for the G-spot? in principle, remember that point A is quite deep: higher in the vagina: if you masturbate with your fingers you may not be able to reach it. With sex toys, on the other hand, everything will be easier. A, there are some positions that allow you an ideal stimulation of this erogenous zone. They are those that allow a super deep penetration: you standing with your hands on the wall, or standing on the table or bed, with your partner penetrating you. slowly from behind. Most women do not know this point A: it is normal. Maybe they have enjoyed its stimulation without knowing it. No one is born super expert: and the beauty of sex is just experimenting! so what to activate: ask your boyfriend to help you in his search or go to the do-it-yourself discovery and search in your vagina for this point that can offer you a new pleasure. When it comes to female orgasm, different types of sexual pleasure need to be considered. Among these, the so-called A-point orgasm is present.
Stimulation of the anterior vaginal fornix offers women intense and very satisfying pleasure. We are talking about a point located in the deepest part of the vagina; that is, between the anterior wall of the uterine cervix and its back. This area is small but extremely sensitive, at the same time it is so deep that it is difficult to reach it (if not committed).
And now let's move on to "the measurements": point G is 5 centimeters from the mouth of the vagina, while point A is at least a few more centimeters ahead. During sexual intercourse you certainly cannot take the meter but exercising allows you to reach this point of pleasure.

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Point G: the first point to find to find point A again

When we talk about the G-spot, we are divided between those who believe it is just an invention and those who believe in it (and also have the proofs). The G-spot is part of the clitoral complex, the center of pleasure.
If you wish to stimulate the G-spot, you must reach a considerable depth in the vagina, entering the vagina with the fingers bent, forward, towards the stomach wall. A dual stimulation vibrator is the main tool with which to reach and stimulate the G-spot. If masturbating to this point is quite easy, especially with suitable sex toys, during sex the G-spot is more difficult to find.The ideal position is astride the partner, leaning backwards. A cowgirl, but at a 45 degree angle. In general, the positions of the doggy style (penetration from behind, with a penis or a sex toy) position the two protagonists of the sexual intercourse in a perfect way and with the right angle to properly stimulate the G point. The stimulation of this point allows not only to reach orgasm but also to prolong it. It's worth getting busy, isn't it?
Point G and Point A are magic points, but they do require some training. Not bad, it is basically a very enjoyable workout! So the more you have sex and the more you experiment, the more likely you are to discover these points. meet these points has arrived!

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Point A: the story of who discovered it for the first time

The first to talk about this particular erogenous zone is the Malaysian gynecologist Chua Cee Ann. Or so it is according to some. Chua Cee Ann in the 1980s was doing some research related to vaginal dryness. Trying to find a solution to the problem of vaginal dryness, he realized that an appropriate stimulation of the anterior wall of the vagina results in a very abundant lubrication which is often accompanied by an intense orgasm. But before Dr. Ann, a doctor had already talked about this area. It was the beginning of the twentieth century when Marie Stopes, author of the book Married Love or Love in Marriage, speaks of the existence ofAnterior Fornix Erogenous Zone. Just the point A we are talking about! In short, a new female erogenous zone and new inifiti few to track it down and stimulate it. As we have seen, point A can be identified simply by taking point G as a reference. According to Dr. Ann, point A is used to make women reach the certainty of multiple orgasm. Experimenting alone will also help you as a couple and will allow you to become familiar with your body. Insert a finger into the vagina, along the vaginal canal. At the end you feel the cervix a smooth wall: you are almost there! The anterior part of the cervix is ​​point A ie the anterior vaginal fornix. At this point in the article you should already be a true expert on erogenous spots and zones. Keep in mind that Ann when she spoke of point A called it the Deep Spot, the deep point, reaching this point is suitable for you if you love penetration and want to experience for example the position of the Amazon, one of the deepest of the Kamasutra, otherwise, concentrate on other areas as well, the choice is not lacking!

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