Clean the carpet

Take care of the carpet

To avoid damaging the carpet, vacuum at least once a week: you will prevent dust from accumulating on the surface and, in the long run, penetrating the fibers. Using a stain remover will make it easier to clean the carpet in case of an accident, however do not apply it without first trying it on a hidden corner to make sure it does not damage the fabric.

Choose the vacuum cleaner well

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- Brush vacuum cleaner: for all types of carpets.

- Carpet cleaner: for tightly laid carpets.

- Filters: filters retain microscopic particles of dust, so it is important that they are always clean.

The gestures that save

If you spread something, don't wait for the stain to penetrate deeply, clean up immediately! However, do not give in to the instinct to scrub the carpet: you will only enlarge the stain and permanently encrust it.

Remove carpet removal

- With a spoon, remove the solid parts and, if necessary, scrape the carpet.

- As much as possible, try to absorb the liquid with a dry towel or paper towels

- Soak a rag with a product suitable for the type of stains (a water-based stain remover for stains, a solvent for oily stains) and moisten the stain by moving from the outside to the inside.

- Put some paper towels on the treated area and place a heavy object on it. The paper will absorb the remaining moisture.

- To give a uniform color to the carpet, do not hesitate to wash it. Do this only when the treated area is dry.

A solution for each stain

- Ink: blot the stain with absorbent paper, then with a sponge soaked in hot water. If necessary, repeat the operation several times, finally erase the remaining traces using an appropriate stain remover.

- Chewing gum: Freeze chewing gum by putting ice in a plastic bag around it. At this point you can break it and pick up the pieces by hand. Never use a vacuum cleaner.

- Enamel: as far as possible, remove the excess enamel without expanding the stain. Then blot the stain with a cotton swab impregnated with a solvent, such as acetone. But be careful not to spill the solvent all over the carpet!

- Alcoholic: blot the stain with absorbent paper or a dry towel and then repeat the same gesture with a sponge soaked in warm water. Let it dry and use the carpet shampoo. For difficult stains, use denatured ethyl alcohol (red alcohol).

- Wax: scrape the wax left on the surface with a blunt knife or spoon. Cover the stain with absorbent paper and wipe it with a hot iron (attention: the iron must not touch the carpet as it could burn it). Repeat the operation until the wax is completely absorbed and, if necessary, use solvent to remove the remaining traces.

The carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners are specific appliances for carpet cleaning, which are useful and easy to use.

- The injection-extraction carpet cleaner: cleans the carpet in depth by rubbing it with shampoo diluted in water. Pass it several times on the carpet, until the water becomes perfectly clear. Attention, the carpet must not remain damp: pump the water contained in the fibers to the maximum and if you notice a residue of foam in a corner, try to remove it at any cost because it means that there is some shampoo left in the fibers.

- The dry carpet cleaner: introduces dust soaked in a solvent into the carpet that has the task of dissolving dirt and greasy stains. When the solvent evaporates, the dust remains on the carpet that you can vacuum up with your vacuum cleaner.

- The steam carpet cleaner: especially for use on long-pile or curly-pile carpets. The steam “combs” the fibers of the fabric and loosens the knots. It is the ideal device for deep cleaning carpet.

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