The best vegan products for children 2019

The trend of veganism is growing a lot and now many people are deepening their knowledge in favor of the environmental cause that this lifestyle represents in addition to the benefits that vegan food and cosmetic products can bring to the health of their children.

The offer of plant-based products are varied and abundant but, since veganism is still a recent concept for the production of products and services, unfortunately many offers are not yet effective enough in their function. So it is important to be careful both in the formulation , both in the quality of the product that you are interested in introducing into the child's routine.

If you have any doubts about what are the foods that cannot be missing in a healthy and balanced diet, here is a video with some ideas:

If you are already vegan or are interested in starting to replace some products and habits for a more eco-friendly and natural life, we have selected for you a list of the best vegan products for babies and children available on Amazon. From hygiene to nutrition, here you will find all the offers with the best value for money.

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To start: a nice vegan recipe book!

Written by Emanuela Barbero and Antonella Sagone, the book "Ethical cooking for mothers and children"contains 350 practical, fast and suitable vegan recipes for different types of events and occasions. In addition, the book has an" introduction that explains the importance and value of a vegan diet both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding and weaning. .

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For the bathroom: Earth Friendly Baby shampoo and shower gel for children

For a quality shower moment, Earth Friendly Baby shampoo and body wash is 100% vegan, contains 99.2% natural ingredients. It is free of artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens and SLS and is ideal for continuous use and daily. This product is made with lavender essential oil which is moisturizing and relaxing and is suitable for the delicate skin of babies. if you want to complete the experience, buy the chamomile-based lotion for € 10.90.

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Lavera Baby vegan cleansing lotion and shampoo

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper version, Lavera Baby's 100% organic and vegan cleansing lotion is perfect, first of all because it costs less than € 5 and secondly because it has a non-foaming and more delicate formula for washing your baby. It is silicone and paraffin free and has only 100% certified organic and natural ingredients in its formula.

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To soothe, hydrate and pamper: organic sweet almond oil

The perfect shower ends with a nice cuddle for your puppy! A soothing massage made with organic sweet almond oil can be of great help to carry out an aromatherapy treatment for the baby as well as moisturize his delicate skin, being able to protect it from irritation. Another plus? Almond oil can also be perfect for mothers and this 1L pack from Naissance contains 100% pure almond oil. It is a vegan, refined and made in the EU product. Sweet almond oil is cold pressed, which guarantees that the product retains all the nourishing components and does not lose any properties.

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All day long: Naty By Nature ecological diapers

Diapers are among the most polluting waste in the world! In addition to being used very frequently, they take more than 500 years to decompose. Considering this, finding a biodegradable option almost becomes an obligation for new parents! It was difficult to find a brand that satisfies all the ecological and even functional needs, but we did it! Here is the best offer of ecological nappies for sale online: Naty By Nature nappies are certified biobased. They have biodegradable plant-based materials without GMOs, dioxins, perfumes, phthalates, COVs, dyes, latex, etc. In addition to not being aggressive to children's skin, it is also eco-friendly and biodegradable. And they are also cheap! The set of 2 packs of 84 diapers costs 33, 90 €! That's 20 cents per nappy, so let's say it's really worth it!

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To clean during diaper changes: Earth Friendly Baby Aloe Vera Wipes

Another product from Earth Friendly Baby suitable for daily use. The aloe vera wipes are 100% biodegradable, have a formula based on organic chamomile and calendula that protect and reach irritation on the baby's delicate skin. Eco-friendly, healthy for your child and cheap! The set of 10 packs of 72 wipes costs around € 30. What more could you want?

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To teach empathy: book V is for vegan. The ABC of being kind

The book written by Ruby Roth and translated by M. Bisacchi is essential for educating your children about the vegan lifestyle and also teaching empathy towards people and animals. It is a book suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years. uses playful and fun language to teach children about animal rights and apresent the vegan diet in an easy to understand and teach format. Furthermore, through rich and beautiful illustrations, she represents the main vegan food groups as well as deeper concepts such as the protection of animals and the environment. It is the ideal tool for parents who want to introduce vegan habits into their child's routine with a theoretical basis and reflection.

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For the snacks: organic baby food Ella "s Kitchen

For mothers who have little time to produce vegan soups and pape, Ella "s Kitchen organic baby food is the ideal product: the brand has created different types of soups and smoothies enriched with 100% organic vegetables and fruit, combined in very tasty recipes On Amazon, you will be able to find several types of flavors suitable for the different stages of development of the baby's palate. We recommend the set of 6 packets of vegetable soup available for only 22 €!

See all of Ella's Kitchen baby food options available on Amazon.

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For summer days: La Saponaria vegan repellent dry oil

This practical dry spray is an effective anti-mosquito repellent, because it contains a mix of essential oils with an insect repellent effect. Its vegan and organic formula contains lemongrass, tea tree essence, lavender, eucalyptus and andiroba oil which, in addition to keeping small insects away, nourishes the skin and moisturizes it. It is an easily absorbed product and dries quickly, making the skin protected and not greasy.

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Always guaranteed cleaning! Bentley Mother & Baby Hand Cleansing Gel

Made with 93% organic ingredients, Bentley Mother & Baby antiseptic cream is ideal to keep in your bag to clean your baby during the day. Now afternoons at the park and traveling will be easier carefree, also because a vegan and organic product it does not make you doubt if it is ingested!


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