Perfect eyebrows: all the products to have a magnetic look

The eyebrows, together with the lashes, are a fundamental part of your look and are an absolutely not negligible detail for an impeccable and seductive look.

If you would like your eyebrows to be fuller and fuller, here are some useful tips to stimulate their growth and to redesign them to obtain a natural effect, without that artificial tattoo effect.

Thick and defined eyebrows have been a real trend for some years in terms of beauty and if stars and beauty gurus have inspired you, follow our tips on how to get them!

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Castor oil

A natural emollient that strengthens and stimulates the growth of eyelashes, brows and hair. It has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is high in minerals, proteins, vitamin E and Omega 6/9.
The applicator set makes it easy to apply to lashes, brows and selected areas.
In a few weeks you will have thick and defined brows!

Buy on Amazon for € 10.99

Wunderbrow Precision pencil

A long-lasting pencil with double ends: the angled tip is specially designed to define the eyebrows, while with the smaller tip it is possible to draw and simulate thin hairs on the eyebrows for a natural effect.
Easy to apply and suitable for both beginners and makeup professionals.
Long lasting smudge proof formula.
Vegan & Cruelty Free.

© Buy on Amazon for € 17.95

Yves Saint Laurent Eyebrow pencil

All the brand quality for defined and even eyebrows, filled in perfect harmony with your eyes. Two functions in one product for a more than perfect line: a precision pencil to redefine the curve of the eyebrows and a spiral brush to comb them. Ophthalmologist tested and in special offer!

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L "Oreal Paris Unbelievabrow Eyebrow Gel

Among the Best Seller Beauty of Amazon, for an incredibly effective result but at a lower price than high products, accessible to all budgets. An excellent alternative to tattooing. Its application will not only fill your eyebrows, but the gel effect will make them well combed, for a magnetic look all day long.
The pack contains a special applicator and comb and you can find it in 4 different colors.

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Maybelline Peel-Off Eyebrow Tint

If you are tempted by tattoos or micro-blading but you are not too happy yet, here is a valid alternative that only lasts 3 days!
A peel-off tint to be applied following the natural pattern of your eyebrows and to be removed after a few minutes.


After a few moments you will be able to see the effect on you full and defined eyebrows and decide whether to resort to more definitive methods.

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Eyebrow stencil

If you want to try to fill your brows with make-up but you are not very practical, here is a practical and quick solution for you: a kit of 6 reusable stencils to safely draw your eyebrows.
Dedicated to all those who are passionate about the world of makeup but are still beginners. With these stencils you can choose different styles without the risk of making mistakes.
We recommend using them with a pencil to easily remove any errors.

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