6 reasons to prefer natural beauty products

First of all, what are natural cosmetics?
Natural cosmetics are products that incorporate at least 95% of ingredients with natural origins. And they often have organic ingredients, but this is not a requirement to have the certification of natural products.

Companies that want to produce natural cosmetics must also pay attention to the formulation, the choice of natural ingredients and the manufacturing process and safety of use: there are strict rules to be respected, so corporate transparency is an obligation. Some brands even have decided to make public the lists of ingredients expressly prohibited in the formulation of their products and are dedicated to finding the perfect formula combination always using ingredients from nature such as olive oil, honey, shea and many other wonderful products that nature gives us !

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1. Natural cosmetics nourish the skin and hair

We know if there is a good reason for preferring products of natural origin, is obviously for their formulation. In natural cosmetics at least 95% of the formulation must be based on natural sources and this ensures that contact with chemical and synthetic ingredients is minimized as much as possible.

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2. Because they make you feel good

No more creams with synthetic smells and strange colors. The brands of natural cosmetics have eliminated dyes and chemical ingredients and therefore offer us the opportunity to have more contact with nature and with the energy of the earth. Natural cosmetics, as well as being excellent complements for treatment with aromatherapy , have "raw" ingredients such as clay and lavender that help in the reduction of stress and menstrual pain.

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3. Because they are good for your health

The skin is the largest organ in our body and protects us from external harmful agents. Our skin is incredibly resistant, but it too needs care, because it constantly absorbs different types of impure substances. Using cosmetics with chemical ingredients on our skin. skin we run the risk of adding additional unnatural substances such as parabens, preservatives and synthetic acids, which are capable of producing allergic reactions, inflammation and redness, especially if the use is constant and long-term.

Natural ingredients, on the other hand, are practically free of artificial ingredients and therefore can be used often without suffering these consequences.

4. Why the most beautiful women on the planet use them

Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova or Jessica Alba (who also created her own brand of organic products). Not bad as a guarantee of quality!

5. Because they are eco-friendly

Unlike those derived from petrochemicals, natural cosmetics are generally designed according to production methods in harmony with nature and use renewable energy, as well as not generating chemical waste and aggressive for the environment.

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6. Because now they are also accessible

A few years ago, natural and organic cosmetics were an exclusivity of luxury beauty brands, but thanks to technology and the in-depth studies on the damage that chemical ingredients cause both to people's health and to the planet, the natural cosmetics industry is grown and developed a lot. Today we can find excellent products made with natural ingredients and often also BIO at really affordable prices.

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