7 Korean beauty products to discover this winter

The cold can often damage our skin, and therefore it is important to take care of your facial skin with cosmetics of excellent quality and suitable for your skin type. You can take advantage of the introspective atmosphere of winter to create a pampering wellness ritual like the layering: the Korean technique to regenerate the skin of your face in 7 steps (or more).

But if you don't feel comfortable spreading several layers of products on your face or you are simply not interested in spending too much time on the beauty routine, our new favorites from South Korea have thought of you too: we suggest some top Korean cosmetics available on Amazon that will give you the maximum result with the minimum effort!

And long live the K-beauty!

1. A new skin for you: the deep cleansing soap for the face

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If your priority is to find a soap that doesn't dry out the skin, we recommend The Face Shop's Deep Cleansing Cleansing Foam: the best-selling Korean brand abroad. Rice water, its main component, makes the soap liquid. very delicate: it can deeply cleanse the skin without completely eliminating the sebum, which is essential for a hydrated, bright and healthy face.

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2. Double result, very little effort

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Yes, Gaondodam cream speaks the truth: it really hydrates from the head to the feet as clearly indicated on the package label. With a delicate texture and formula enriched with shea butter and vitamin C, this product intensely hydrates the skin without unbalancing its natural sebum production, indeed, it helps to bring its production back into balance! This is why the cream is suitable for all skin types, from oily to generally dry skin. It can also be used anywhere on the body.

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3. Water is a must! The water based night mask

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All the beauty experts always say that water is one of the fundamental ingredients to help you in the prevention of wrinkles and skin aging. We all know that you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day ... and what about adding this ingredient to your cosmetics too? The Laneige night treatment mask uses "Sleep-TOX" purification technology, which purifies the skin while you sleep. The seller even guarantees that its perfume has aromatherapy properties that help in the quality of your sleep! On Amazon you will also find the mask + lip balm combo box, for a complete treatment. We are curious, and you?

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4. SOS dark circles! The regenerating eye cream from Dr. Jart +

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For many people, the cold causes dryness in the eye area, swelling and dark circles. Enriched with arnica, green tea and hyaluronic acid, Dr.Jart + cream is effective in preventing the formation of fine lines, swelling and dehydration. An effective green solution that creates a barrier against the cold.

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5. Silk lips: the regenerating balm

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Made with Vitamin E, Lavender Extract and Allantoin, Erborian Lip Balm is a product to keep in your bag all winter long! It's a spread and we recommend using it without moderation!

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6. For glowing skin: the perfect primer

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According to Meghan Markle, the Duchess who is dictating the current beauty rules, a good primer is the secret to always perfect skin, both for the makeup spectrum, and for preventing irritation, blemishes, stretch marks and other annoyances ... therefore a good primer to moisturize your face and protect pores from the accumulation of makeup and impurities. Also by Erborian, the Pink Perfect primer has a 4-in-1 formula: it helps to moisturize the skin, refine its texture, reduce its dilation of the pores and fix the makeup. Just apply a thin layer to see the effect immediately, your face will immediately become brighter and healthier.

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7. The detox face mask

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If you don't like following the beauty rituals offered by all beauty sites, this will be our only advice for you: one application of detox mask per day to purify, regenerate and hydrate your skin. The Koreans are unbeatable in this: we have found for you a set of 15 K-beauty masks from The Face Shop to ensure that you can test all the types of masks available and find the one that suits you best. Right compromise between effort and result!

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