Enlarged pores? Here's how to hide them!

Smog, impurities, stress, excess sebum: all these factors affect the health of your skin, preventing it from breathing.
The excess sebum, the accumulation of dead cells and polluting particles can clog your pores which, trying to breathe, open more than necessary. The consequences? Irritated and uneven skin subject to imperfections and an anti-aesthetic effect visible even with make-up!

How to fix it?

Preventing the appearance of open pores is possible! First of all, attention must be paid to daily cleaning: since these pores are dilated by excess sebum, traces of make-up and dead cells. For this, it is essential to do a double daily cleansing with micellar water. After removing make-up, wash your face with a special brush like those of Foreo.
Once a week, open your pores with steam and perform a deeper cleansing with purifying products and a face brush.
Also remember to keep your skin hydrated, especially if you use purifying products, which are rather aggressive!

As for make-up, we know that foundation is often not enough and in the most obvious cases, even a perfect make-up fails to mask enlarged pores.
In this case you can insert a good primer in your beauty routine, a base for the face to be applied before the foundation, to hide the pores, smoothing the complexion and making the make-up last all day!

Here are the best primers in our opinion!

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Photoready Revlon

The cheapest on our list!
Its pigments reflect diffused light and minimize defects, smoothes and softens the skin to create the perfect base.
It reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles, plus it is oil, talc, perfume and paraben free.It can be worn alone or under foundation.

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Pupa Professionals BB + Primer

The Milanese brand Pupa has always been known for its excellent value for money. This primer effect BB cream is perfect for combination and oily skin.
Moisturizing, smoothing and illuminating for the skin, smoothing the complexion, mitigates imperfections and protects from UV rays and gives the face a long-lasting anti-shine effect.

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Benefit Pore Fessional Pro Balm

The most loved by beauty lovers.
The 22ml version is a bit expensive, but it's a really big investment.
This is why we offer you the 7.5 ml mini size to try the product and decide whether to buy the big version.

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Smashbox Primer with Photo Finish

You'll love this product: its anti-dryness formula absorbs oil throughout the day for perfectly smooth, non-shiny skin.
Reduces and hides pores instantly and visibly! Mattifies and controls oil for up to 8 hours. Sweat and moisture resistant, chosen by many professional make-up artists!

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Purobio Organic Primer

This primer from PuroBIO Cosmetics was created specifically for those with oily, impure and shiny skin. The lightly colored pigments inside the product are ideal for all skin undertones and allow you to start masking any imperfections. It is based on Jojoba Oil, which makes it 100% organic and natural.

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