The foreplay

A stimulus for desire

Exchanges that do not involve penetration (kisses, caresses, oral stimulations) between two partners are called "foreplay". These gestures constitute the intimate preparation of their bodies for sexual intercourse. The senses are awakened (touch, sight, smell) and send messages to the brain, genitals and heterogeneous areas. In this way the partners, whose desire is stimulated, reach a state of intense arousal.
In general, women need more time than men to achieve sufficient arousal. Once achieved, vaginal lubrication facilitates penetration and sexual intercourse is even more intense. To make the experience even more intense, we suggest some advice ...

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The techniques

Since the aim is to obtain a pleasure shared by both partners, we must try to arouse the most sensual emotions possible in the other. The normal but always effective path of foreplay initially consists of a series of general caresses to release tension (face, stomach, back, earlobes), massages and sweet words. Then, the caresses become more erotic, on the genital parts and the erogenous zones (breasts, neck, buttocks). The desire progressively increases thanks to more hardcore foreplay, such as mutual masturbation, oral sex in the 69 position, for example. Intense arousal is achieved when the man is erect and the woman has good vaginal lubrication.
Therefore, sexual intercourse in the strict sense can begin, that is, penetration.

Foreplay: the secret of their success

It is during the foreplay that the partners establish a form of relaxation, escape and total abandonment to the other, putting aside the worries of everyday life to isolate themselves in a world of their own. In addition to being attentive to each other, it is possible to make foreplay even more fun.
- With carnal caresses, think about inventing love games and sexy skits.
- If your man likes lingerie, make the desire grow with a striptease that ends with a full nude. If you are quite carnal, offer him a deep massage, complete with scented and relaxing oil or a bath together, before going to bed.
- Even reading the kamasutra or an erotic book is ideal for increasing desire and stimulating the imagination.
- Finally, putting on a condom can also be a sensual act. Think about putting it with your mouth, or in a languid and acrobatic way. Guaranteed effect!

Why do women love them ... and men less?

While women consider foreplay as essential to achieving orgasm, some men do not consider them very important. Or, even worse, not at all important ...
The reasons:
- Some specialists say that there are many men who, even today, want to preserve their virility and refuse any form of sensitivity, repressing their feminine side.
- For others, it would simply be a difference in the sexual cycle of man and woman. Man often has a faster rhythm of arousal (erection and ejaculation) associated with a drive. While the woman needs time to increase desire and obtain lubrication that will eventually allow her to reach orgasm. Which explains why the two sexes often struggle to agree.

And after making love?

We must not forget the famous "post-liminary", which follow the sexual act. Skin-deep caresses, languid kisses and other tender pampering are just as essential after making love. They are highly appreciated by women, who see in them a sign of respect, affection and love on the part of the partner.

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