How to enhance one's sensuality through body posture

Each body has its own sensuality, whatever its shape. There is, however, a moment in which a split occurs between what is the structure of the body and our way of considering it, our way of loving its curves or straight lines and our way of believing in the power of our own sensuality. splitting occurs, we inevitably tend to darken our body in closed, difficult, belittling poses, which deprive it of sensuality and charm.

How to enhance the sensuality of the body from sessions

In general, to have a posture that enhances the shapes of our body, we must take into account these parts: back, legs, chest, arms and butt. We must not believe that sitting is not as important as standing or walking. Think about how many contexts of life see us sitting: at the bar, at work (at least in some cases), on the train, at the university, at a restaurant. We believe that the session is a moment to relax, and it suits us, but in reality it would be better not to assume poses that on the one hand harm us, on the other diminish physicality.

How to sit in a sensual way
To sit in order to enhance your body, we must keep the back straight, the arms relaxed (resting on the armrests if the chair has any), the shoulders down and the chin at 90 °, even slightly higher. Avoid curling up on yourself when you are sitting, firstly because it hurts your back, secondly because you will transmit closure and insecurity.

Things to avoid
Crooked back, hunched shoulders, head down, legs crossed in a vulgar way.

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And while we walk? Here is the sexiest posture!

The way we walk talks about us, and introduces us to others, especially people we don't know. Have you ever observed someone because they walk in a funny way? Or to recognize someone from afar just by the way they walk? It also happens to understand what emotional state a person experiences by the way he walks. Imagine a person with his head down, dragging his feet and moving slowly; or a person who walks quickly, with large steps and arms that move loudly in the air: they will probably be in a hurry or angry.This is to say that the walk speaks, and also speaks of how confident we are of ourselves and our sensuality.

How to enhance your sensuality with walking
To enhance your sensuality (and no, we're not talking about a model's stride or a panther's walk) just follow a few simple tips: low shoulders, straight back and belly in (as they teach dancers to stay upright). The chin must always be at 90 ° or slightly higher to give our attitude a proud look. The hips must sway slightly, without being excessive, and the arms must accompany this movement, giving more momentum to the stride. Follow the video for a first try!

Things to avoid
In order not to be avid haters of our body, when we walk we must avoid: having our head down, as if the world scared us; to hunch our shoulders, as if we were carrying the weight of our tireless life; to drag our feet, as if we were now at the last drips of our energy. Love each other, girls!

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Some posture tricks to be sensual (also in photos)

In short, mastering your body and your curves allows us to transmit positive sensations in the space we surround, and this positively affects the people around us, filling places or situations with the right energies.
Some simple tricks to enhance your body and play with sensuality: straight back, always (also for health!), Chin at 90 ° even when standing still, chest high and slightly out, to enhance the curves of the breast as well as to the butt, to be moved slightly outwards (remember: never weigh on the back).
And if you want to make your presence felt in space, place your hands on your hips: it will enhance your curves and your appearance, transmit a feeling of openness and a determined and fascinating presence! But the fundamental trick, which always applies, is: believe in yourself, this is the strategy that will highlight your sensuality!

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