How to lay linoleum

Phase n ° 1: the measurements

To know exactly how much linoleum you will need, measure the widest and longest point in the room and add 10cm to the dimensions found. Also take into account the doors, the wardrobes ...

Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that the linoleum is perfectly dry, smooth and even. To be safe, you can use a self-leveling product, which will save you from having to sand your linoleum later.

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Phase 2: the preparations

First unroll the linoleum sheet on the floor, leaving 5 to 10 cm of excess along the walls. Leave it to rest for a few hours to adapt to the room temperature (if the room is very large it may take up to 24 hours).

Avoid lining the floor in a cold room with linoleum as cuts may appear on the sheet.

Phase n ° 3: the laying

- With the palm of your hand spread the linoleum sheet in the direction of the walls, taking care to cover the entire floor.

- Cut the corners with scissors: the linoleum must perfectly match the walls.

- Fold one half of the linoleum sheet inwards and spread the glue on the floor with a roller or a notched trowel (it all depends on the type of glue used). Make the linoleum adhere perfectly to the floor by spreading it again in the direction of the walls.

- Wait 20 minutes and proceed in the same way on the other half of the floor.

When the sheet is perfectly glued, you can remove the excess cm of linoleum with the help of a cutter.

Good to know: after laying the linoleum, wait at least 24 hours to arrange the furniture. For better results, lay linoleum before baseboards.

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