This is why women with anxiety are the strongest

Anxiety is a creeping enemy, you never know when it might arrive and you often find yourself living on the alert, with the knowledge that, at any moment, you may have this annoying travel companion next to you.
On these occasions, always remember that you are never, never alone ...

Anxiety occurs when you are at a concert and people are everywhere, they arrive in a subway that stops in a tunnel for longer than expected and you start to miss the "air:" is that window open? Excuse me ma'am, could it move a few centimeters? "
Some have to fight against anxiety before exams, when the ceiling, you never know how, seems to have all the answers we are looking for. We spend the night lying with our eyes wide open while the heart is a sprinter and we incessantly repeat notions of philology romance, microeconomics or private law and yet, despite the hours of study, it seems to us that nothing is left in our heads but the song we listened to during a car trip, when we returned early from sushi to review the last chapter for the fifteenth time.

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A challenging battle

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Anxiety is allied with panic attacks, often the two combine to take our breath away and we find ourselves engaged in the most difficult weightlifting ever. The corners of the mouth bend down and the bricks overlap on the chest, one after the other. "other. You inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth because you know that in the end you've always made it."
What you feel you know only you and the person next to you, if you have put them in a position to be able to help you.

Because anxiety makes you strong

Anxiety makes you strong because you are still here.
Because you know you're going to have to give a presentation tomorrow at work and so you work hard until it turns out perfect. And maybe you will sleep little, you will sleep badly but you will do your best because this is how we do: we roll up our sleeves even when the fear is great.
Strength is not just punching a lot, running for miles without feeling your legs give way or resist 80 laps in the pool. Strength is being there despite all our despites and knowing that, one battle at a time, we will be the ones to win.

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