Feet sweating? The panty liner trick could really help you!

Sweat is a difficult enemy, as it marks and invades different parts of the body. And it is not a phenomenon that affects only the most evident armpits, but also the feet! It is not necessarily the summer heat that makes our feet sweat ... how many of us have ever found ourselves with sweaty feet in a shoe, despite socks or socks? Sometimes, in short, putting on, putting on or even taking off the shoe becomes unpleasant and complicated, at this level


How the panty saver trick works

The trick is quite simple and intuitive: if your shoe is a closed shoe, especially heels and ballet flats, then just choose a soft panty liner, possibly without wings. Once inserted into the shoe, it will not only adhere to the foot, but will also absorb sweat, as it is already predisposed to absorb. In short, a practical, simple and inexpensive trick, within reach of your handbag

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