How to lay the tiles

What you need

Floor tiles


See also

How to lay linoleum


Adjuvant for glue

Joint product

Tile cutter

Notched trowel, wooden trowel (50 cm x 10 cm), rubber hammer

Ruler, level, tape measure, plumb line, pinstripe twine

Rubber scraper, triangle and trowel

Wooden plinth

Prepare the wall

- If the wall is not perfectly flat, you will need to level any irregularities before laying the tiles.

- Close the holes with putty. If the surface is too slippery (this happens if you lay the tiles on paint or other tiles) use an alkaline product or tap the tiles to be covered.

- Obviously it is easier to lay the tiles starting from the bottom, however be aware that ending with tiles cut out at the level of the ceiling is not very aesthetic. Before proceeding with the final installation, therefore, do various tests (without glue).

- The tiles must be laid following a horizontal line, then draw a reference line (possibly also a vertical line).

The pose

- Using the spirit level and pinstripe twine, draw a horizontal line on the wall.

- Nail a wooden plinth under this line, it will serve as a support for laying the first row of tiles.

- Using the notched trowel, spread the glue on a portion of the wall (about 50 cm²) and lay the first tiles by placing them on the plinth. Don't forget to use the crosses to leave a space between the various tiles. Remove excess glue with the rubber scraper.

- From time to time check that the tiles are well aligned and do not protrude too much. If you see that a tile is a little too far out, tap it with a rubber hammer or a trowel (the trowel should be used by laying it on several tiles).

- Remember that the section of the wall that is below the reference line can only be covered when the first row of tiles is completed. Therefore, when taking your measurements, don't forget to also count the space between the tiles.

- Once the last tile has been laid, remove the spreaders before the glue is completely dry.

How to cut the tiles?

With a washable marker mark the part to be cut.

- For straight cuts use a tile cutter.

- For cuts of less than 3 cm or for round cuts, use a tiler's pliers: the round blade allows you to cut the tiles in any direction.

The product for the joints

Before applying the product to the joints (the space between the tiles) wait at least 24 hours.

Good to know

- In order for the wall to be flat and linear, you must always try to use the same amount of glue and to respect the distances between the tiles

- For best results, the wall must be solid, dry, smooth and clean.

- Never use a trowel and hammer on majolica.

- To get a more harmonious color, mix the tiles from several packs.

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