The top of the crepes and pancake plates!

Sweet, savory, large, small, crepes and pancakes are always the favorites of young and old and "there is always a good reason to prepare them. But just dirty and wash pans and bowls, take a" look at the best plates around, there is something for everyone!

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Lagrange 109006

If you love pancakes, check out this Lagrange plate.
Its huge aluminum plate allows you to make up to seven pancakes at a time. With 1400 watts of power, your pancakes will be both crunchy and soft on the inside. Also use the adjustable thermostat, spatula and wood dispenser available.
But be careful, because once the pan has been removed, you can replace it with a larger one for classic crêpes!

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Tefal PY604612

A multifunction plate, that of Tefal, with interchangeable plates.
For small sweet and savory pancakes for brunch and basic crêpes for the greedy snack.
With its 1100 watt power, this uniquely designed machine will delight the whole family. Prepare the most delicious pancakes but by changing the plate it works as a grill to cook whatever you want, even the meat!
Placed in the center of the table, this plate will offer a touch of originality to your meals.
Very practical, the two removable non-stick plates are dishwasher safe.

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Domoclip DOM200

For excellent value for money, discover this Domoclip multifunction plate for pancakes and crêpes.
Place it in the center of the table and have fun with the whole family to decorate, garnish and stuff your pancakes as you like. Everyone can really give free rein to his desires and his imagination thanks to the six spatulas provided. The ladle helps in the dosage and therefore avoids disasters even if your children are preparing the pancakes. Beautiful handles, which makes the plates look like small woks!

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