Why do we women always fall in love with the wrong man?

'Because I keep falling in love with the wrong one? "or again"I only fall in love with idiots". Who has never said such a phrase after a bad relationship? Know that science has found an explanation that you may not like ...
It is not us who fall in love but they are the ones who make us fall in love! This is what says a study conducted by some British, Polish and Finnish researchers on more than 2300 women and published on the Evolution & Human Behavior website.

© iStock Women prefer Narcissus

The study was based on what Dr. Minna Lyons calls "the dark triad": narcissism characterized by a "lack of empathy, a tendency to pride and selfishness, and to Machiavellianism. the profiles of some men and indicated which ones they found most interesting.
Most of the participants capitulated to those who seemed to be more mysterious to the detriment of those who looked more light-hearted.

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Are women therefore masochists?

Their choice was not particularly surprising but the scientific explanation is much more so. According to the team of experts, women have been pushed by the reproductive potential of the men in question but not only by their past stories as well.

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