Clean pewter items

What you need:

- Flammable alcohol

- Beer

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- White of Spain (calcium carbonate powder)

- Olive oil

- Potatoes

- Marseille soap

- Petroleum

- A soft brush

- A soft rag and a chamois rag

- Newsprint

Stop the stains!

To remove grease stains, use a rag dipped in flammable alcohol. The traces of rust will instead be defeated by a little oil mixed with olive oil, but you can also rub them with raw potato wheels soaked in Marseille soap.

The rest of the stains will disappear by rubbing the object with a brush impregnated with Spanish white or a mixture of whipped egg white and bleach.

After removing the stains, do not forget to rinse the object well, let it dry and polish it with a rag soaked in Vaseline or transparent wax.

Make the pewter shine

Make a mixture of liquid soap and hot beer and apply it to the pewter with a brush. Rinse the object and polish it with a chamois rag. You can also make it shine by using a kale leaf.

Give it an antique look

An antiquarian trick: rub the pewter with a piece of cork. For modern objects in opaque pewter use a rag impregnated with Bianco di Spagna, while for objects in chiseled pewter use a soft brush soaked in flammable alcohol.

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