Diy wedding: 5 diy invitations

Marriage is the culmination of love stories, for this reason it must be perfect in every detail and must not stress us! It often happens that the particularly expensive costs of decorations or the wedding dress end up making us lose our temper. There is a way to not lose the magic of your wedding day, while saving a little something for your honeymoon: the do We invite you to arm yourself with patience, fun, and a pair of scissors to recreate one of our 5 DIY invitation ideas!
However it goes, don't panic, take a cue from this couple who, even 60 years after their wedding, managed to relive the magic of that day.

Shabby chic wedding invitations for the romantic bride

After choosing the font, the print and the paper, you just don't know which envelope to choose to send your DIY invitations? No problem, if you are a "shabby chic style lover, or a very romantic bride, we have the ideal solution for you! A roll of twine and scissors will suffice: cut a piece of thread and voilà, here is the perfect ribbon to close." your wedding invitations For an even more romantic touch, don't forget to have flowers printed on your invitation card.

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Travel themed wedding invitations: for adventurous spouses!

If your wedding is going to be celebrated in another city or even in another country, these DIY invitations are really for you and will surprise your guests! Create fake plane tickets, train tickets, ship or vehicle tickets of your choice. and that most represents you, and write on the date and details of your "love trip"!
We are sure that this type of DIY decorations will also be able to give you an idea for the destination of your honeymoon!

Travel theme wedding cards

Sea themed wedding invitations for the little mermaid and her prince

Will you get married on the beach? Sea-themed DIY invitations are perfect for you! Bucket in hand: go and collect as many shells as possible on the beach that made you fall madly in love and use them to decorate your wedding invitations. You can add other maritime elements such as pieces of fishing net or starfish: but be careful not to overdo it! Be thrifty with both details and remember to only collect the starfish which, unfortunately, have dried up on the sand by now.

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Modern invitations for young and creative couples!

One of the two is a graphic designer or a "passionate and brilliant creative? Do-it-yourself invitations in a modern style will literally drive you crazy! What can I say, sit at your desk and create the design you like best and print it on a paper of your choice. The latest wedding trends offer invitations with watercolor effect prints, with pastel colors or with various shades of blue. Black invitations with metallic prints are also a great trend, they will certainly give a mysterious and special touch to yours. ceremony. As for the envelope, you can print the same motif on it, or steal the idea of ​​the twine of the shabby chic invitations, but using a ribbon that matches the colors of your beautiful design!

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Solidarity wedding invitations for the newlyweds with still a lot of love to give

If you are a couple who cares about the world of non-profit, and who wants to donate a mountain of love even outside of marriage, solidarity participations are the right choice for you! In fact, there are many associations that allow you to customize and create the invitations for the wedding directly online at a very low price. The proceeds clearly go to help one of the causes of the chosen organization! You can think of opting for this type of service even for your wonderful DIY favors.

If after these ideas you have discovered that you are a DIY enthusiast, don't miss the opportunity to continue organizing your wedding in the name of DIY! Here are 40 ideas of place cards that you can easily recreate with the help of your now faithful scissors. Good marriage!

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