Paola & Chiara broke up

Paola & Chiara officially broke up after seventeen years of work together and eight unreleased albums.

The two most famous sisters of Italian pop, a very short time after the release of their latest album, Jungle, thus confirmed what they had recently said. Only a few weeks ago, in fact, the Iezzi sisters had expressed their intention to leave music on Facebook because they "snub in Italy" (here you can read their complete statement), and now the official confirmation arrives.

In this way, at least professionally, the paths of the two performers who had started their career as Max Pezzali's backing singers share. And now, Paola, the brunette of the former duo, will return to collaborate with the former 883 singer: from July 15th, every Monday, on Italia 1, she will join Pezzali and Jake La Furia dei Club Dogo in the conduct of a new musical program "North South West East - Tormentoni on the road" which will retrace the summer hits of the last thirty "years.

Paola and Chiara