White pants: how to combine them for summer 2016?

White trousers are back in trend for summer 2016, and they do it great. In fact, in the shops you will not only find jeans, but also elegant white trousers of different cuts, such as cigarette trousers, culottes and even flared trousers. you want to dare white pants, therefore, you will first have to understand for what occasion you would wear them, and then look for some advice on how to match them.

Let's start with an old myth: white gets fat, so pants of this non-color are not recommended for those wearing a plus size. Not quite so, if you are curvy you just have to choose the right model, matched as it should be, just like all the others do. Before discovering the most suitable model for plus sizes, however, we advise you not to immediately discard the idea of ​​an elegant white trousers to participate in some baptism, communion, or even wedding. An elegant white trousers, even cigarette for example , it would be an excellent alternative to classic formal dresses.

The ideal models for plus sizes: white trousers for everyone

The important thing for plus sizes is not to accentuate the curves with too flashy adhesions. Avoiding skinny jeans, therefore, would be advisable. Better to prefer a culotte trousers, wide on the whole leg, which therefore diverts the attention from too generous hips or a bit of bacon. If you prefer to stay tight on the leg, then opt for capri pants: they are short at the ankle, but at the same time they are never too tight at the waist, leaving the pelvis more free and the belly not compressed.
As for flared pants, if you're not tall by nature, it's best to wear them with heels. Palazzo pants, then, are a good alternative to the classic formal dress for plus sizes. The important thing is to combine it with a very elegant jacket or top or shirt.

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The white trousers of summer 2016: do you prefer jeans or elegant ones?

Let's take a look at the best proposals for white trousers, jeans or elegant, for summer 2016. Among ripped and flared trousers, palazzo trousers peep out, the height of elegance together with cigarette ones, and skinny jeans, plus youth and sports people Choose your favorites from the photos below!

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© Mango White trousers summer 2016: elegant or jeans?

How to combine them?

Pairings for white pants seem difficult, but they're not. Especially in the summer, when you need to wear few clothes. A great classic of the combination is white trousers and a light blue shirt. Casual and chic, ideal to wear even in the office. However, you can opt for alternatives: keeping the color, blue, and changing the model. Not the shirt, but maybe an elegant silk tank top, or an off-the-shoulder top, very popular this summer.

The best looks with white pants

To immediately take inspiration, and steal some ideas, discover the looks with white trousers proposed by fashion lovers from all over the world. Most of them choose ripped white trousers, but revisit and combine them to make them elegant, and no longer sporty. To achieve this effect, simply combine your model with a shirt, or some other kind of elegant top. In this case the colors count a lot, preferably pastel and discreet, and the workmanship. Embroidery and crochet, much loved for summer 2016, will immediately remove the rock air from your torn jeans to make them a look of perfect lady manners.

As for accessories, if you want to achieve an elegant effect, choose shoes with heels and a precious bag. A mini bag, for example, would be for you with its bon ton air. If, on the other hand, you want a more casual look, combine white trousers and t-shirts, perhaps completing everything with sneakers.

© alex-closet.com Look with white pants

Mistakes not to make

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when trying to combine your white pants in a complete look:

  • White trousers tend to widen the figure, just as black ones tend to slim it. Without giving up pants of this color, even those with strong thighs should take only a few precautions: no skinny jeans, better straight-down pants.
  • Avoid combining white pants with flashy black shoes, the whole would shorten the figure a lot, making you look shorter than you really are.
  • Avoid too bright colors in the tops, because they would have an immediate "cheap" effect. If you can, avoid wearing metallic or gold tops, because the effect would be too bright. Total white is fine, pay attention only to the combination of white types: one that is too bright would make the other more dull than it is.

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