6 irresistible Mac makeup palettes!

When you talk to a beauty lover, you can be sure that among her favorite brands you will find Mac Cosmetics.
The well-known cosmetics brand, born in Canada, is in fact one of the world's giants in terms of make-up.

The brand preferred by professionals, by beauty gurus, by make-up enthusiasts but also by those who have recently approached this world, since the high quality of its products makes them easy to use even for those who are beginners with makeup.

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With a huge range of products, from eyeshadows, blushes, concealers and foundations, not to mention the lipsticks, recognized all over the world and recently also the perfumes inspired by the best-selling lipsticks, Mac Cosmetics has earned a full-fledged the crown of iconic brands in the world of beauty

Here are 6 essential palettes perfect for beauty experts (you will earn their lifetime gratitude, if you give them one for Christmas) but also for those who want to start wearing make-up and want to start with a reliable and high quality product.

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Perfect look

The eyeshadow palettes are a real toy land.
Colorful, varied, with beautiful packaging, when you look at them you can't help but think of all the thousands of combinations you could do.

Here are some tips to have everything you need in one palette!

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Four pods with basic colors, perfect for a touch-up on the fly or to switch from a daytime look to an intense and sexy smoky eye for the evening.
Use a flat brush to apply black eyeshadow like an eyeliner.

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The holidays are approaching and with them your desire to shine!
Beautiful metallic colors to add a detail to your make-up, to embellish the look with bright and seductive nuances.

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Pink, copper, rose gold, burgundy, mauve, magenta, burgundy.
Let yourself be seduced by the warm tones of that palette. Go bold with bold colors or blend black eyeshadow with red-toned eyeshadow. You will see what an effect!

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Who said metallic eyeshadows are only good in the evening?
Try these coppery and golden shades eyeshadows and have fun capturing the sunlight with your eyes!

Beauty tip: apply them and blend them with your fingers, the color (and the glow) will be more intense!

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The right frame

Have you ever heard of contouring?
Contouring is a technique that emphasizes highlights and shadows on your face. Perfect for increasing or reducing the size of the face, playing with the light. Use darker colors to minimize and lighter colors to brighten and increase volume (sculpt your cheekbones and illuminate the inner corner of the eyes to give light to your gaze.

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