Trendy even in the gym: the best looks to show off during training

In the gym or in general when you train, the watchword is comfort!
But this certainly does not mean giving up being fashionable!
That's why we have thought of a series of clothing from the best fitness brands, to feel sexy and trendy even during training.
There are plenty of super cool and super comfortable models at the same time, so you won't have to give up on anything and you'll feel perfect even while you train!

The glam bag by Boxeur des Rues

A bag for the gym with personalized handles, all in waterproof material with a beautiful clutch bag included and combined that you can use to keep your personal items to deposit in your locker or take with you during training.

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Adidas tank top

An Adidas garment is a must in every fashion lover's wardrobe! Perfect for the gym, but also in the summer with a pair of shorts and colorful sneakers! Or maybe in high-waisted trousers.
This tank top was created to allow you to move freely during training but you will see that you will also wear it outside the gym!

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Nike sports bra

Sports bra is indispensable when training. It will hold your breasts firm but without constricting them and leaving you free to move as you want.
This one from Nike is perfect: you can use it as a top, to show off your sweaty iron abs!

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Lapasa sports leggings

Comfortable, colorful, leggings are our best friends, both in and out of the gym.
And if in everyday life we ​​prefer more indiscreet models, training is the right opportunity to proudly show off our curves!

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Under Armor gymnastic shoes

Comfortable, colorful and discounted!
Don't miss the Amazon flash offer: these Under Armor rope shoes are very soft and cushioned. We have chosen them in living coral, the color of 2019! You can find them 73% discounted on Amazon!


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