Is drinking barley fish in summer good or bad?

Initially a derivative of barley, from which the famous name derives, today the orzata is one of the favorite drinks of the summer and not. The basic ingredients are now almonds (sweet and bitter) and in its preparation, in addition to almonds, more common are: water, sugar, orange blossom water and tragacanth. Even if it is a product other than syrup or almond milk, the "orgeat is just a syrup, as such it is not recommended to consume it pure but diluted in fresh water, so as to be not only refreshing but also nourishing and energizing, like this" other home-made drink, see:

Because the barley can be harmful

Since this syrup is extremely sweet, not only should it never be consumed undiluted or slightly diluted, it could be harmful to the body and metabolism if taken in abundant quantities. To be clear, if the syrup is slightly diluted, the barley would be avoid in case of overweight, diabetes and blood sugar problems. Furthermore, it is not recommended to take this drink in the case of parallel intake of high doses of vitamin C, it could lead to symptoms of intoxication, and obviously it is not recommended if you are allergic to almonds.

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The benefits of the orgeat

Orgeat is a refreshing and energizing drink. Often used in the nutrition of children and the sick, being considered very nutritious. According to popular culture, barley has digestive and sedative properties for coughs and sore throats, albeit not scientifically proven. Therefore, if taken in the right doses, the barley will have beneficial effects, but it is recommended not to exceed 20g of syrup. for each glass of water and not to abuse this drink.

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Cool summer drink? Pair it with a light food:

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