Weekly horoscope from 8 to 14 April 2019: lots of love for Pisces!

Aries: be patient!

Dear Aries, don't be impatient. If your wishes or goals haven't come true yet, don't send everything to that country - it's just a matter of time.This week you may feel a little restless, especially on Thursday and Friday, when the moon will be unfavorable to your sign. You just have to be patient and bet everything on Saturday and Sunday, especially lucky for what concerns the feelings ...

Taurus: great news on the way!

Dear Taurus, also this week you can count on the conjunction of Mercury, ready to give you some nice twists: luck will be on your side both in the sentimental and in the working world. Take advantage of it and don't miss any opportunity! Focus especially on Monday, when you will also have the moon in the sign and great things could happen. A little stress is expected only on the weekend.

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Gemini: tensions with the partner ...

Dear Gemini, this week the moon will be in your sign on Tuesday and Wednesday: they will be two really lucky days, in which you may receive some good news. Sadly, unfavorable Venus continues to throw a spanner in the works of your relationship. Pay particular attention to Thursday and Friday, when tensions with the partner could arise. Check now that it does not belong to a sign led to betray:

Cancer: getting better!

Dear Cancer, this will be a week of great recovery for your sign, in which you can count on the favor of both Mercury and Venus. The luckiest days will be those of Thursday and Friday, when a super-moon in conjunction will give you some beautiful surprises. On the sentimental front, the planet of love will help you settle a complicated situation, favoring the formation of new couples.

Leo: what a stress!

Dear Leone, also this week, unfortunately, I will have to deal with an unfavorable Mercury, which could create some more obstacles, especially in the workplace. During this period you risk feeling very stressed, but always remember that Jupiter is on your side and, in the long run, you will be the one to win the war! The moon will help you relax by giving you a lucky weekend, all in the name of feeling.

Virgo: relationship problems ...

Dear Virgo, opposite Venus continues to sow doubts: are you really dating the right person for you? Take this moment of crisis as an opportunity for reflection, to focus first of all on your feelings. Beware of quarrels and tensions with your partner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when the moon will make you very nervous. Better, however, on the lucky days of Thursday and Friday.

Libra: a beautiful moon!

Dear Libra, one more week of recovery for your sign: at work you can say goodbye to the critical situations of the last period and begin to relax. The results won't be immediate, but they will come! The luckiest days will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday, when you can count on a beautiful favorable moon. Attention instead to the days of Thursday and Friday: for those who are in pairs, they are at risk of a fight!

Scorpio: focus on feelings!

Dear Scorpio, your week begins with the moon in opposition: Monday will be anything but lucky, but don't despair! Already from Tuesday the situation is destined to improve… Unfortunately, opposite Mercury will create difficulties in the workplace and the answers you are waiting for will be slow to arrive. Do not lose your patience and focus everything on feelings: favorable Venus guarantees you days with a high rate of passion!

Sagittarius: heart problems ...

Dear Sagittarius, this week you will have to deal with an unfavorable Venus: the planet of love risks making you very nervous, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when you will also have to endure the moon in opposition. The tension with your partner will skyrocket: be careful not to say things you may regret later! Instead, everything focuses on Saturday and Sunday, which will be decidedly more relaxed.

Capricorn: opposite moon ...

Dear Capricorn, things couldn't be better for your sign: Favorable Mercury brings you interesting new contacts for your work, while Venus gives your relationship strength and passion. Pay attention only to the moon in opposition on Thursdays and Fridays, when you may experience moments of tension or block ... Don't be discouraged: the planets are on your side and good news will arrive soon!

Aquarius: problems in the office ...

Dear Aquarius, this week unfavorable Mercury could create some more problems in your interpersonal relationships, especially in the office: you will often wonder if the path you have chosen is really the right one for you. The answers will not be long in coming: in the meantime, enjoy the lucky moon days, those of Tuesday and Wednesday, in which you could receive some nice surprises. Tensions with the partner, on the other hand, are expected between Saturday and Sunday.

Pisces: love and luck!

Dear Pisces, Venus continues to shine in your sign, giving you another week full of love and passion! Good news is coming for singles, while those who are already in a couple could decide to take the next step… Even at work, good news could arrive, especially possible on lucky moon days, those of Monday, Thursday and Friday. Nervous days, however, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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